Sichuan Earthquake – A Year Later

Photo by Wen-chun Fan courtesy of CNN

A year ago today, a devastating earthquake leveled the province of Sichuan. Almost 70,000 people died due to the quake with 4.8 million more left homeless. Till this day, most of Sichuan is far from being fully recovered from this tragic catastrophe with the disaster impacting the province on almost every level of life imaginable. The Guardian has a great article outlining the social impacts and changes that the earthquake had on Sichuan victims, including those who chose to remarry. In a conventional western perspective, we would see no challenge with that but considering that Sichuan is a relatively conservative society, the idea of remarriage slightly strays away from traditions. But with all the sorrow that everyone’s encountered brought from the disaster, they found that older traditions were slowly being realigned to cope with the grief and mourning of their deceased spouses.

CNN also has a compilation of photos showing Sichuan a year after the huge tragedy.

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    I hope they’re doing better now!