Multiple Personality Clocks

clockman japan personality blood types

In Japanese culture, blood type plays an integral part in determining people’s personalities, similar to the role horoscopes play in Western lifestyles. For example, people with blood type A are believed to be mild tempered and intellectual whereas for the people of blood type B, the opposite holds true. This idea was the basis of inspiration for the Clockman clocks featured by our friends at Gizmodiva.

The clocks come in 4 different versions based on Blood types A, B, AB and O. When hitting the button on the top of The Clockmans, they will give you the time in pre-programmed phrases. Their speech reflects their personality traits which are of course dependent on the 4 blood types. According to blood psychology study, a type B such as myself is an individualist, dislikes customs, strong, optimistic, creative, flexible, wild and unpredictable. From this long-winded list, it looks as though they’ve successfully hit some traits but missed miserable on others, but regardless, I am quite curious as to what my Clockman would say. For more in depth insight on this blood types and personality traits, you can read more here.

Via Gizmodiva and Tokyo Mango.