Exercising While You Work

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Ask any full-time working person what their main complaints of their job are and the most consistent answer that you’ll probably arrive at would be the lack of personal time. Coincidentally (or not) that response just so happens to be the most common excuse that people have for not exercising. Like all hardworking citizens, we at Vidafine run into these same predicaments day in and day out. So it’s much to our delight that when we came across ErgoErgo, we seemed to have found a solution to this common problem.

Showing at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the ErgoErgo chair allows you to strengthen your core muscles, allowing for better circulation and stronger back muscles. By rocking your body gently, the chair stimulates blood circulation and keeps your core muscles engaged.

And now if only we can get a couple of these in our office…