O-No Sushi Toys

vinyl sushi red

You may have noticed that designer and DIY vinyl figurines have become mainstream collectibles and gift items these days (I recently created my own set of munny dolls as a gift for a friend :P , see below). These are not the mass produced toys that you would find at the big box toy stores. Instead, they tend to be pop art sculptures made of either vinyl or plastic that are likely put on display in homes and offices. In fact, the whole thing started in the late ’90s when Hong Kong artist Michael Lau created the first urban vinyl figurine from an underground comic, resembling a custom-made GI Joe action figure.

So when I came across Andrew Bell’s Vinyl Sushi Toys from O-No Food Company, I couldn’t resist and wanted to share this great find with you! This design is based on his Never Look Back print from a few years back.

vinyl sushi blue

Its nervous expression is understandable, its bulging eyes are switchable and the creature’s tentacles are rotatable. This Sushi Toy set comes packaged in its own take out tray with soy sauce included. The red colour is standard, while the limited edition blue was introduced during San Diego’s Comic-Con this past July. There are talks of additional colours and DIY versions, but no word on when those will be available. You can see the rest of Andrew’s creative work here.

Pretty neat stuff I’d say.

images via Addictive DJ Designs

diy munny dolls

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  • http://thelifeofannie.typepad.com Annie

    Love these!!

  • Stieven

    Aaawww, poor quadropuss. I may have to get one anyway.