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Bike to the Future

chris boardman futuristic bike

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many interpretations of futuristic cars but this is probably the first time I’ve seen a conceptualized design of a bike from the future. The above design was unveiled by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman who firmly believes that this will be available within 20 years. Specs of the bike include:

  • Spoke-less wheels where the tires will be puncture-proof and is self-inflating
  • Biometric technology such as fingerprint recognition as part of a locking system for the bike
  • Mini computer to calculate the amount of calories burnt by the cyclist
  • Battery assisted motor using solar power to assist the cyclist in pedaling

and even a music system

According to Boardman, all the technology required for this is already available and it’s just a matter of throwing it all together. It doesn’t seem too farfetched considering the revival of cycling arising from the public’s need of a cleaner mode of transportation. I for one can be expected to be in line to buy it when it first comes off the assembly lines.

via Daily Mail.

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  • ben

    we should put fingerprint recognition on regular bikes!

  • Dave

    And just how do the wheels get power from the pedals? He's so worried about a music system and fingerprint recognition, he's forgotten how the bicycle functions.

  • Warren

    Very nice.

    More mechanical details like the drivetrain would be nice. Having CVT type gearing to optimize cadence/power would be nice. The rest is fluff.

    If a version of this bike can be manufactured now without the fluff then it should be… less dreaming more doing.

  • phileascheng

    …and implement it into a city bike sharing program, that would be quite revolutionary i think