Throwboy Pillows Rock

apple throw pillow

It’s about time for another post on pillows. This time from Throwboy, a name derived from the likes of popular brands such as Gameboy and La-Z-Boy. Browsing through his collection, my personal favourite is of course their set of Mac icons! But wait, what’s even more interesting is the seasonal pillows that they’ve created. See this pink one for Valentine’s day?

valentine throw pillow

Or the Halloween-themed boys below?… How can you not love ‘em!

halloween throw pillow

There is also the Chat Pillows line in the thumbnails below. So next time you wish to curse, you may pull out your little pink “wtf” chat bubble instead!

If you’re interested in owning these geeky pillows, you can find them exclusively at Throwboy’s online shop. When asked what future products are in the making… Throwboy Founder, Roberto Hoyos, says: “We’re cooking up some fun stuff right now!” Hmm… I wonder ‘what’s cooking’… Are we going to see a twitter bird throw pillow soon?

Keep me posted Roberto. Looking forward to your new line (and seeing them in a retail store in Toronto soon)!

omg pillown00b pillowwtf pillow

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