Dell designs Della for Women

dell women della

In an increasingly fierce PC market, a world of change has erupted at Dell. No longer are they going to be selling solely online, they have also begun selling into the reseller channels and are venturing off into new territory. Likewise, their marketing efforts are also being re-directed to women specifically with the creation of a sub-brand known as Della. Della, is a new microsite created by Dell targeting specifically female computer users featuring some of the latest computer products for the female masses. Seems interesting right..? Upon examining this new site, I came across their ‘tech tips’ section which basically illustrates woman’s technology needs in bit of a low light. Topics include tips on how to organize their workout schedules, how to count calories and stream music online. To take it further, the lifestyle images on the site seem to be photos taken at last month’s Elle photoshoot rather than a true technology showcase. How does Dell expect women to take the bait? What do our male and female readers think?