Monopoly City Streets

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At one point or another in your life, you’ve probably sat down with a couple of friends, unfolded the game board, divvied up $1500 each, set the Chance and Community Chest cards, and started rolling the dice to begin a sociable game of Monopoly. And then for the next hour or two, you find yourself duking it out on the table until everyone else is bankrupt or you’re simply too tired to go on. It’s quite amazing to think that despite cultural and language divergences, people halfway around the world from where you live have also shared the same experience with this very same game.

As arguably the most popular board game in the last century, Monopoly has evolved into a successful franchise recognizable throughout the world. With the emerging growth and capabilities of the internet, Monopoly has spilled over onto the virtual world and allowed players to play with one another online (anybody up for a friendly game here?). Recently, Hasbro has announced that they’re working with Google Maps to come out with a limited-time online version of Monopoly where players will be able to buy, build and trade real streets with players from all around the world in the upcoming Monopoly City Streets. The ultimate goal? Play to beat your friends and the world to become the richest property magnate in existence. This campaign looks to promote the Monopoly City edition which adds a new twist to the iconic game.

So Monopoly fans from around the world, keep on the lookout for when this is officially released on the 9th of this month.

Monopoly City Streets

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    wow the idea sounds pretty cool!

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    Yeah, the game place seems to work pretty well. It has been nice since they upgraded their servers.