Play More Notebook

play more notebook gift

As our Canadian summer comes to an end, we are forced to take our sport games indoor. Trapped in Suburbia (cool name eh?) comes to the rescue by providing all the common sport balls you can think of in the form of a notebook! Well… the back-side of each page in a notebook.

play more notebook gift

Yes, you guessed it! Winner of the 2008 European Design Bronze Award, the Play More Notebook has a sport ball pattern printed on the back-side of each page. If shooting a crumpled up piece of line paper into the garbage bin isn’t satisfying enough, now you can enhance the experience with a piece that looks just like a basketball! Even better, rip out all the soccer ball prints and create a life-size soccer ball to kick around in the office. Probably not the most environmentally-friendly way to use paper, but it would certainly help your frustration when you are stuck in the office working while the Champions League is on. The Play More Notebook certainly would do a great job in setting up a relaxed and playful atmosphere at your workplace. I can already picture the many mini paper sport balls flying across cubicles.

For €12.50, the Play More Notebook is available at the Trapped in Suburbia Webshop. This would make a great gift for any student and the frustrated writer!

via Curiosite and Polka dot.

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    oooh i love it!!!!