Report Non-Humans

Many of you must have seen the “For Humans Only. Report Non-Humans.” series of posters and signs around the city. The campaign is linked to an organization called Multi-National United (MNU). If you do happen to spot any non-human life forms on the street, please give them a call at 1-866-666-6001 to file a report as the recent increase in Non-human activity is becoming a major security concern.

If you haven’t already discovered, the signs are actually part of a massive viral marketing campaign put together for the movie District 9, set for an opening on August 14th, exactly a week from now. The phone number unfortunately would not take care of the Non-humans you may have encountered, but would redirect you to the movie trailer at D-9.com. If you can spare the time (which I’m sure you can since you are already reading this), have a look at the MNU corporate site and this MNU Spreads Lies blog run by a group of Non-human rights activists. Seems like the oppressed aliens previously localized in District 9 are beginning to invade into Human terroritories, as reported by many civilians over at the MNU Community Watch. At the same time, MNU Spreads Lies has been exposing the conspiracy and propaganda spread by the MNU, and an Arc Gun has recently been posted on Ebay. Tension between the two races is rising and we will see how to story unfolds on the 14th. This is simply a great viral marketing promotion for the movie.