15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea

15th avenue coffee tea starbucks

In these tough financial times, it looks as though Starbucks is trying to shake off its image as a multinational coffee chain and instead focus more on a community personality. In its hometown of Seattle, Starbucks completely revamped one of their stores, even distancing their widely recognizable name from the store sign, only listing it as being “Inspired by Starbucks“. PSFK gives us a glimpse of how it looks.

Drawing the name from the actual address of the shop, 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea is designed to resemble more traditional coffeehouses hosting live music and poetry readings. Wine and beer will also be served at the store. Their aim? To instill a sense of community and of experience which small local coffee shops provide. At least two more are rumored to pop up in the city in the near future.

15th avenue coffee tea starbucks

More detailed pics of the shop at PSFK.

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