Le Pain Quotidien – Foodie Review

pain quotidien front

Second stop: Le Pain Quotidien-508 Eglinton Avenue West North York, Toronto, Ontario.

To continue on my last foodie review post, the next stop that day was to Le Pain Quotidien, a global establishment originating from Belgium with locations spanning from Australia to Mexico to Kuwait. Upon entering, the brick interior was warm and inviting while the open skylight brought welcomed natural light into this cozy artisan bakery/restaurant. For those of you who speak fluent french, you’ve probably realized that le pain quotidien actually translates to ‘the daily bread’ which is exactly the impression that we got when we walked in.

breads and loaf

The backwall was lined with various types of baguettes, loaves and croissants.


While the counters were filled with baked goodies.


To start, we had ordered a $3 croissant to share. This place was suppose to have the reputation for the ‘best croissants’ in town and that is what we got! The butteriness of the croissant made it nice and flaky.


Next, we ordered an Organic Coconut Macaroon, but was surprised when we were brought 2 pieces. The server said that they come in pairs, so make a note if you plan to order this on your next visit! (You might be thinking that these don’t look like your typical French macarons, and you are right. Don’t get confused. These coconut macaroons are cookie like treats made of coconut or egg white mixed with an almond paste, while the French macarons are pastries made of egg whites, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar). We imagined these $3 macaroons to be soft and chewy, but in fact, we found that they were a bit tough to bite into. The taste of coconut was satisfying, however we could not finish both, so packed one home for later.

raspberry ricotta

Finally, we treated our tastebuds to a Raspberry & Ricotta Coffee Cake ($4.50). The ricotta flavour here was mildly strong, which I liked, however I wish there was more raspberry filling inside the cake rather than just the jelly floating on top. The cake itself was quite dense and rich from the ricotta cheese.

I can’t wait to visit for dinner next time I’m in the area!

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