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French Quarter – Foodie Review

Since the last Dessert Tasting Tour I have ventured out and sampled some more patisseries and cafes in the North York, Toronto area… this time, with a friend!
I won’t post them all at once, so be sure to check back and see where we headed!

First stop:

French Quarter-1967 Avenue Road, North York, Toronto, Ontario.
Opened not too long ago, the French Quarter is known to be more of a boulangerie than a patisserie, with items on the menu ranging from freshly baked quiches to beef bourgignon to crepes and cassoulet. After much indecisiveness, we finally decided on an apple croissant ($2), an apple tart ($3.50), the house cassoulet ($2.29/100g), a tomato & zucchini quiche ($6.50/slice) and two glasses of freshly squeezed lemonade.

After ordering at the counter, we proceeded to seat ourselves as our food arrived.

We started by trying the House Cassoulet which was served at room temperature (this was my first time trying this dish). Originating from southern France, cassoulet refers to a slow cooked dish of white beans, meat, duck confit and sausages. There was a strong beef broth taste to the dish which was also mildly spicy.

Next we had the Tomato & Zucchini Quiche. I must say, this was one of the better quiches that I have ever had! The crust was perfectly baked and perfectly flakey. The egg and zucchini melted in your mouth. I found however, that it was a little too salty for my liking.

To end the meal, we had chosen an Apple Croissant and an Apple Tart both made with plenty of apples. For the croissant, the apple filling had the perfect touch of sweetness, while the croissant itself, was quite flakey but not overly buttery which I was delighted to realize as I took my first bite. The apple tart (pictured above) was covered with plump apples but it turned out that it was a bit too sweet.

Overall the atmosphere was good and the menu quite extensive, we may just have to make another trip there sometime to try everything else out!

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