Park Like An Idiot?

i park like an idiot bumper sticker

Growing up in York Region within the Greater Toronto Area, I must tell you how amused I am by some drivers’ inability to “see the pair of straight lines” and “position their vehicle in between them”. While the use of this bumper sticker is pretty self-explanatory, there is more here than meets the eye…

Here is a step-by-step:

1. Purchase a pack of “I Park Like An Idiot” stickers from iparklikeanidiot.com. Select the appropriate quantity depending on the number of “creative drivers” you encounter on a daily basis.

2. Spot “awkwardly parked vehicle” and …. (you know the rest)

3. Pull out your camera phone and image said “awkwardly parked vehicle”.

4. Resize your photo to 250px by 188px and submit to the I Park Like An Idiot Gallery.

After looking at some of the submissions on their site, I have come to realize that my encounters are nowhere near as shocking as the works of the creative drivers that were caught. Check out their Gallery. On a serious note, drive safe and park properly.

Disclaimer: Do NOT actually try this out. You can get arrested for vandalism.