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Living in a westernized country, sometimes we tend to overlook how good we have it. With what we see as essentials such as running water and electricity, we sometimes tend to forget how lucky we are when we don’t even have to deal with problems like social unrest and civil wars in other parts of the world. One of the biggest social conflicts falling under the worldwide spotlight in recent years has been the war in Darfur.

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It has been estimated that over 300,000 people have died with the US labeling this conflict as a genocide. Resulting from this was hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to neighboring Chad. Like all refugees who end up being displaced due to conflict, the ones who find it the hardest to adjust are the young children, which UNICEF believes to be 60% of the population in the Darfuri refugee camps.

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After paying a visit to these refugee camps, NBA star Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets and some of his companions decided to put together the Darfur Dream Team’s Sister Schools program which links American middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities with schools in the Darfuri refugee camps. Students and teachers can help by registering their school and linking it with a school in the Darfuri refugee camp. The school can then raise money through fundraising activities to support their Darfuri Sister School. The program also encourages groups, clubs and individuals to donate to support the Sister Schools.

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Last year, Tracy McGrady worked with director Josh Rothstein in the movie 3 Points documenting his journey to the refugee camps (as seen in the above trailer) . And lately, Tracy’s been actively recruiting other NBA players to climb aboard to promote the Darfur Dream Team. For more information on how to become involved in the Sister Schools Program, please visit their site.

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