Vidafine Buzzwords

We just wanted to take this time to thank all our loyal readers for keeping up with Vidafine. Over the past year or so, we hope you’ve enjoyed all the cool, innovative and hopefully inspirational content that we’ve acquainted you with. And with that being said, I know what you’re all probably thinking. From the solemn tone of this, it may sound like we’re closing down and boarding our doors. In fact, it’s actually quite the contrary.

We would like to announce that we’ll be enhancing the Vidafine Blog with a new concept which we hope will bring added value to your reading. Throughout the time that we’ve began running Vidafine and even years prior to that, we’ve recognized the many constantly changing trends which have shaped society. We’ve witnessed many trends which have come and gone in a heartbeat, ones which have garnered cult followings, as well as others which have caught on and eventually stuck. It is these trends that, whether deliberately or inadvertently, pilot society into the future. We at Vidafine would like to share our insight on these developing movements as they take shape. So starting today, we’ll be updating a list of trends that we’ve taken notice of. This Buzzwords list, as we have dubbed it, will be updated ongoingly to inform you, our readers, on the various influences which are sculpting our society as it happens.

Going forward, our regular post updates will be a reflection of these trends that we identify in the Buzzwords section. Well, if you’re wondering what will happen to all your favourite content in the future, you can rest assured as they will not disappear or deviate radically. We’ll just be taking a more directed approach in selecting and presenting our pieces to you. Through evaluation of the comments, ratings and popularity of our posts, Vidafine has more or less picked up on our readers’ likes and disdains. We trust that our Buzzwords will gracefully complement our regularly updated content that you currently read and love. As we take the next step in building upon our goal, we hope that you will continue to follow and enjoy what we have to offer as we expand in this direction.