Borne out of a need for individuality and personalization, this concept of customization and even going as far as DIY has really picked up steam. Being unique has almost become a prerequisite in the lives of not just trend setters but the majority of Western-influenced generations after baby boomers.
Community DIY 

The Birthday Project and 33 Wishes

Birthdays are a special time and are definitely a cause for celebration! Many people like to call upon their good friends and family to join them in sharing their special day, while others prefer to stay low-key and simply enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Either way, you or someone close to you spends the days before your big day to help you plan a memorable event. This year, for my birthday (which happens to be on New Years Day), I decided to do something a little different than the years passed. I came across the idea of The Birthday Project just a month before my 2012 birthday and it immediately inspired me to get planning on what I would do for my ‘big day’.

DIY Sustainability The Great Outdoors 

Gayana Eco Resort Lets You Replant Coral

As the days grow shorter and the wind blows stronger, winter is inevitably upon us, especially here in North America. With only about a month before the winter holidays, many are looking to vacation at potential sun destinations for some much needed rest and relaxation. Gayana Eco Resort in Malaysia seems to fit the bill as it rests at the edges of a lush jungle forest on a coral reef island off the coast of Borneo. Doesn’t that already sound exquisite? What’s even more appealing is its commitment to eco-tourism, evident with its on-site Marine Ecology Research Centre that proactively is committed towards saving endangered giant clams and restoring natural coral reefs.

Back to Basics DIY Sustainability 

Paper Punk

When I was in high school (x amount of years ago), one of the biggest crazes was origami. Origami is the art of folding pieces of paper to make it look like a 3D structure. The most popular ones are either the crane, stars or boats but there are various others and you’d be surprised with what a sheet of paper can create.

This fad, like any other, has since died out but it isn’t completely gone. You may still receive a glass bottle of a thousand cranes on Valentine’s Day or be involved in a project where you fold them for a cause.

Grace Hawthorne is ready to bring it back to life with her Paper Punk building toys. It’s paper-based and the only thing you need is a little imagination.


Inamo Dining is Hip, Trendy and Interactive

During a recent trip to Japan last year, one of our first dining experiences was at a small restaurant which used a touch screen menu system installed against the wall of our booth seating. I must say, although it did not provide images of everything on the menu, it was quite handy to use and useful as a reference point for when we were placing our order in a foreign country especially. So when I recently stumbled upon Inamo, I was excited to see how that trend has since evolved. Inamo has definitely taken interactivity a step further and packaged their E-Table technology into a trendy London restaurant to create the ultimate interactive dining experience.


OCE Discovery 2011


Discovery 2011 by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) is a technology conference held in Ontario every year. This year, Vidafine was invited to join in on exploring the cutting-edge technologies across various industries and see what presenters from different backgrounds have to offer.


DIY On the Go 

OCADU Feature: Rovell

Rovell – Jenny (Soo Jung) Park


For anyone who has moved between cities before, they have probably experienced major headaches over their furniture. Selling and throwing away old furniture or buying furniture for the new place may be stressful for many. Jenny Soo Jung Park has come up with Rovell, a modular furniture rental system for globetrotters – those who travel frequently and stay for short periods of time.

Community Crowdsourcing DIY Sustainability 

How to Build a Small Village


It’s like a Lego set except it’s life sized and extremely useful towards building a ‘small civilization with modern day comforts.’ Open Source Ecology is a movement driven by the efforts of farmers, engineers and supporters focused on developing tools for replicable, open source, modern off grid “resilient communities.” They firmly believe that “everyone in the world should have access to the technologies they need to escape poverty.” Using their open source industrial machines as a guide, one needs only to secure the scrap metal necessary and put in the labor in order to create fully functional farming and industrial equipment. From tractor pulls and bulldozers to hay balers and saw mills, this collection named the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) includes all the necessities to create a small village.


Magic Milk Straws


For those of you who are not so fond of drinking plain milk, there may be a solution out there for you. I stumbled upon these very lovely Magic Milk Straws the other day and they sound irresistibly delicious! If you live with people who prefer the plain white stuff but you prefer something with a twist, you both can win. Buy regular milk and just add some flavour into yours using these milk straws.