Borne out of a need for individuality and personalization, this concept of customization and even going as far as DIY has really picked up steam. Being unique has almost become a prerequisite in the lives of not just trend setters but the majority of Western-influenced generations after baby boomers.

Win a set of PostCardens!


Chia pets and their variations always freak me out. Not sure what it is, but they definitely do not put a smile on my face (no offense to those who happen to love them). But the thought of receiving a mini-garden in the form of a postcard, well that piqued my interest! These hybrid greeting cards known as PostCarden are cleverly designed by the team at Another Studio for Design. Talented artists are commissioned to design the front of each card, capturing their own personal style and vision.


Ji Ga Zo


A few years ago, framing your puzzles was a huge craze. I remember there used to be a store I’d pass by that would sell authentic Disney and Sanrio Japanese puzzles that you could frame, and they would come in all sorts of sizes. I actually have a Winnie the Pooh one hanging above my bed and a Hello Kitty one above my dresser. That store has since closed down and puzzles seem to have gone back into hiding. That is, until Hasbro thought it would be a great idea to bring them back with Ji Ga Zo!

DIY On the Go 

mBrace Your Mac


If you own a laptop, chances are you also own some sort of carrying case, but how often have you had to carry it from desk to desk, and it was just too much trouble to pack and unpack? What about walking over from one room to another, or even on the stairs? Well, I have witnessed a Macbook flying down the stairs (while it was being used as a ‘tray’ for two iPhones, and for those of you who have asked me how I broke my iPhone screen, the answer is ‘yes’). Although that was a bit of an extreme case, I guess we have all encountered situations where we wish for a less awkward way to carry our laptop around.

DIY Sustainability 

Presso the Coffee Pump


Ah, coffee. What I wouldn’t do for a fresh cup every morning. Many of you probably have your coffees ready at the push of a button. But if you ask any real coffee drinker, they’ll tell you the best find is the one you make yourself. The Presso takes it to another level as it redefines the term do-it-yourself.

With it’s sleek design, the Presso actually takes less time to prepare than those clunky machines. It also takes up less space and has no long cords. Because it doesn’t have to be plugged in at all, this machine is very environmentally friendly; even the used coffee grinds go into the compost bin.


Foot Fetish

Nike Footprint

Nobody probably loves our feet more than Nike does. Year after year, shoe after shoe, Nike has produced some of the most comfortable and beneficial foot attire that not only protect us from harsh elements, but also help us to jump higher, run faster, and sweat less. Now the shoe and sport apparel giant is even developing a product for the shoeless, those that prefer to leave their feet exposed and naked! Nike is drawing up an innovative product conducive to bare feet sporting called the footsticker.

DIY Synergy 

Design and Build with Lego and Muji


Though introduced last year, it seems more than ever that ‘Playing with Lego, Bricks and Paper’ a collaboration between iconic building block company Lego, and Japanese retail brand MUJI, is becoming more and more relevant. What’s even better is that according to their website, ‘Playing with Lego, Bricks and Paper’ is going to be available in mid January 2011 in various part of Europe and Taiwan, where it was once only available in Japan and the United States.

Back to Basics DIY On the Go 

Christmas Wishlist 2010 ($30 or less)

christmas_comicImage from Randy Glasbergen.

It’s that time of year again where we always talk about how giving is better than receiving and the season is really more about family than presents. However at the end of the day, we all struggle to get our stressful Christmas shopping out of the way. So we at Vidafine have compiled our annual list of goodies on our wish list. So for all our loyal readers who need some ideas for last minute shopping (or if you’d like to shoot some presents our direction) we present to you this list.

Back to Basics DIY 

Lodekka Vintage Shop on Wheels


In northeast Portland, you’ll find, at the corner of Williams and Failing, a 60′s double decker bus. Thinking it’s a tourist attraction, you’ll probably think it’s a tourist trap. If you look closer however, you’ll see that it’s a vintage shop on wheels. The shop, called Lodekka, is owned by Erin Sutherland. She believes she has the best job in the world because of her love for fashion and all things vintage.