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Cross Media Toronto: Recap


As previously mentioned, Vidafine was present at the Cross Media Toronto event last Wednesday. Overall, it was a magnificent event with cofounder Gavin McGarry masterfully guiding the discussion on the convergence of various media. The event was held fittingly at Toronto’s premier space for innovation, the MaRS Centre in the heart of the city’s Discovery district.


Hosted by Jumpwire Media, with NATPE, MaRs Discovery District, Bell and our new found friends at CFC Media Labs, Cross Media Toronto brought together some of the brightest minds, fervent hearts and enabling hands from different media sectors. The industry bigshots such as RIM, Google and Random House were brilliantly represented by their respective representatives as they discussed cross platform collaborative efforts. It was especially interesting to hear about how each company from different media platforms interact with others. Content producers play an integral role such that they are the ones who bring the content to the masses through media platforms. The biggest question that we took away from this forum discussion was “how do we distribute and consume content in the future as the pace of technology is evolving at such a rapid pace?” Other organizations that were there to present their works included herd.fm, OpenFile, Maple Pictures, and Interactive Ontario.


Although the presenters were put under tremendously tight time constraints, their presentations were passionate, lively and really hit the nail on the head in terms of showing the different perspectives of digital media. New ideas and products that we were shown included ES3’s interactive TV as well as Shark Teeth Film’s iPad app which makes sharing digital content with clients much easier. Others such as Jacob Blackstock, re-tinkered many people’s childhood favourite section of the newspaper – comic strips – in hopes of pushing it to be a more popular form of communication tool. Bitstrips, which the late Harvey Pekar would likely have enjoyed, aims to encourage reading and writing amongst school children to improve literacy.


The most inspiring messages that I found from the event is from Steve Pratt’s (Director of CBC Radio 3) presentation regarding empowering people around to share. Often times, companies are unwilling to give up control, whereas CBC 3 has run with the concept by modeling their system like a social network – giving power to the people. As well, he left the crowd with a powerful message stating that companies should always be in Beta mode because of the speed that everything around is changing.

And from the quote, “It’s not about the technology, it’s more about the users”, be on the lookout for the new Vidafine buzzword coming up #crowdsourcing.

Photos by Anna-Lea Boeki via Cross Media TO’s Facebook.

A special thanks goes out to Daniel and his team at Pennant Media Group for the opportunity!

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    I think it's a great idea to bring together the various media sectors to help each understand the roles all channels play and see where collaborations can take place. Way to go on a great event!