An enabling technology concerned with very very small matters. How small? A thousandth of the width of your hair. Why is that so special? Because materials behave differently at that scale and playing around with them require new approaches. With new thinking comes new possibilities, so all that buzz is not surprising. Whether as a marketing buzzword or the dangerous technology portrayed in fiction movies, we will definitely be seeing more of "nano" in the years to come.
Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

AR Walker


While we all pray for Japan and other unfortunate countries, let us feature them for gracing us with another one of their brilliant inventions. I think it’s a great idea and could prove to be very useful (especially for us girls that recognize landmarks rather than street names).

If you’re like me, when someone asks you for directions, you’ll respond with something like “Keep going straight until you see McDonald’s. Turn right and make a left at the police station”. Sometimes, it can get confusing and when I get instructions with street names, I feel myself looking at the paper every two minutes – and that can be dangerous if you’re driving. It’s especially nerve racking when it’s your first time there and you don’t want to be late but it’s unknown territory.

Nanotechnology Sustainability 

Circuits of Light


When was the last time you shared massive amounts of photos though Facebook? Streamed YouTube videos through your smart phone? Downloaded a HD video?

There is no doubt that we are moving towards an increasingly interactive web loaded with rich media content. The industry that makes this all possible is collectively called Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). As I was streaming those wonderful World Cup games with just about every other person in the office, I wondered how much energy resources I was consuming, and I tried to put a number on it…

Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

Claytronic Kitchen Wall


I am sure everyone has been exposed to LEGO blocks at some point in their life. If not, have a peek here. Now just imagine the LEGO pieces floating in mid-air, organizing themselves into small clusters, and then stacking themselves to look like entire LEGO cities. The Rise of the LEGO Blocks may sound like a nightmare for some, but for the guys at Carnegie Mellon and the many Claytronics researchers worldwide, it’s an exciting idea with endless possibilities.


Lotus Leaves: Self-Cleaning Technologies


You may have heard that a lot of the technologies we see today are inspired by nature, especially in the nanotechnology space, and the lotus leaf is no exception. If you stare at water droplets enough (like I do everyday as a hobby), you will notice that they “wet” different surfaces, differently. In other words, each droplet maintains a specific shape and contact area with the surface, depending on the delicate balance of forces at the interfaces.

Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

See-through Circuits


Some of you may have seen our earlier post on the future iPad Looking Glass envisioned by Mac Funamizu. It features a see-through display capable of overlaying digitally-rendered pixels on top of the real objects seen through the transparent glass display. While that gadget may be further down the line, this transparent laptop that Samsung showed off at CES is definitely a big step forward.