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Today’s urban dwellers find themselves with busier schedules and are constantly on-the-go. With less time at home, much more commuting and wandering the city streets, they’re looking for much more in their daily lives to compensate and help them handle this fast paced lifestyle.
On the Go 

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Whether you are baking them at home or buying them from the store, cupcakes seem to be a welcomed treat by many. With the various combination of flavours and the creative designs that bakers have presented the world with, the cupcake trend continues to rise. But how else can a cupcake company innovate to meet the demands of their customers, around the clock? Sprinkles in Beverly Hills just introduced their cupcake ATM last week that allows customers to buy their delicious treats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Photo Courtesy of Droog.com

We’ve talked about these MUJI and Echo Design touchscreen gloves before and since then, there seems to have been a variety of similar type products on the market. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet and grabbed yourself a pair, you are in luck! Vidafine is giving away the Glovetip, an alternative to the touchscreen gloves that is a simple accessory for your already existing pair of gloves/mitts.

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Echo Design and MUJI Touchscreen Gloves

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Owning an iPhone or any other touchscreen device during the colder months of the year will no longer be as cumbersome as it used to be. Remember the time when you had to take off your mittens to type a lengthy text that usually results in numb fingers? Thanks to MUJI and Echo Design‘s line of touchscreen gloves, we have one less thing to worry about this winter!

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VUE by Issey Miyake


A few years back, watches used to be the convenient way to tell time. They used to be on everyone’s wrists but a clock seems to be the standard on any electronic device nowadays. So companies have been looking at ways to design watches that have the ‘wow’ factor, in hopes of regaining the public interest again.

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OCADU Feature: Rovell

Rovell – Jenny (Soo Jung) Park


For anyone who has moved between cities before, they have probably experienced major headaches over their furniture. Selling and throwing away old furniture or buying furniture for the new place may be stressful for many. Jenny Soo Jung Park has come up with Rovell, a modular furniture rental system for globetrotters – those who travel frequently and stay for short periods of time.

On the Go Sustainability 

Edible Forks and Spoons


If you don’t know already, I’m a huge foodie and find it extra amusing when I hear news or trends about food. I stumbled upon this while browsing through my RSS feeds and thought that it is ingenious! I assumed that something like this has to have been created already but after doing a quick Google search, everything linked me back to the Poilâne Forks and Spoons.

Poilâne is a French bakery that is known for making delicious breads, pastries, desserts and spreads. They have two stores in France and one in London. They have come up with a new and innovative way for people to eat desserts and appetizers and that’s their flavoured forks (the more popular ones) and spoons.

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mBrace Your Mac


If you own a laptop, chances are you also own some sort of carrying case, but how often have you had to carry it from desk to desk, and it was just too much trouble to pack and unpack? What about walking over from one room to another, or even on the stairs? Well, I have witnessed a Macbook flying down the stairs (while it was being used as a ‘tray’ for two iPhones, and for those of you who have asked me how I broke my iPhone screen, the answer is ‘yes’). Although that was a bit of an extreme case, I guess we have all encountered situations where we wish for a less awkward way to carry our laptop around.

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V-Day Love(s) for 2011


I came across a bunch of really neat products the other day and I was deciding how I should share them with you. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought why not make a Valentine’s Day gift guide to showcase these awesome goodies! Mind you, I wanted to buy all these things for myself, and creating a gift guide is my way of justifying these purchases.. (Wasn’t Christmas just two months ago? sigh.) Anyway, here is my round-up of some great gift ideas that are practical, yet fun to have!