Sustainability has been relevant from product designs to more efficient actions as the whole eco-movement has not only been a trend but a way of life. Humanity, as a global community, has finally come to its senses that we can no longer go on with irresponsible acts against the planet.
DIY Sustainability The Great Outdoors 

Gayana Eco Resort Lets You Replant Coral

As the days grow shorter and the wind blows stronger, winter is inevitably upon us, especially here in North America. With only about a month before the winter holidays, many are looking to vacation at potential sun destinations for some much needed rest and relaxation. Gayana Eco Resort in Malaysia seems to fit the bill as it rests at the edges of a lush jungle forest on a coral reef island off the coast of Borneo. Doesn’t that already sound exquisite? What’s even more appealing is its commitment to eco-tourism, evident with its on-site Marine Ecology Research Centre that proactively is committed towards saving endangered giant clams and restoring natural coral reefs.


Organic Dolls Made from Illustrations

Being in the classroom for most of my day, I see my fair share of children’s imaginative illustrations. I love the whimsical nature of children’s drawings and seeing their perceptions of the world around them whether exaggerated or perfected. Aminals has taken that love for their children’s creative works of art and turned them into eco-friendly, loveable, huggable, and soft dolls, each accompanied by their own special story. My favourite is the Sistur’s story, “My backpack has three pockets, one of them is secret. Bees can sting you even if they are dead.”

Back to Basics DIY Sustainability 

Paper Punk

When I was in high school (x amount of years ago), one of the biggest crazes was origami. Origami is the art of folding pieces of paper to make it look like a 3D structure. The most popular ones are either the crane, stars or boats but there are various others and you’d be surprised with what a sheet of paper can create.

This fad, like any other, has since died out but it isn’t completely gone. You may still receive a glass bottle of a thousand cranes on Valentine’s Day or be involved in a project where you fold them for a cause.

Grace Hawthorne is ready to bring it back to life with her Paper Punk building toys. It’s paper-based and the only thing you need is a little imagination.

On the Go Sustainability 

VUE by Issey Miyake


A few years back, watches used to be the convenient way to tell time. They used to be on everyone’s wrists but a clock seems to be the standard on any electronic device nowadays. So companies have been looking at ways to design watches that have the ‘wow’ factor, in hopes of regaining the public interest again.

Community Sustainability 

TARAgram in India

TARAgram, India

I recently returned from an unforgettable adventure in India. There was colour, chaos, crowds, and a whole lot of culture. The food put every one of my taste buds to work and the sights and sounds were unlike anything I’ve witnessed before, but the most unique tour occurred at TARAgram in the city of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, India.

On the Go Sustainability 

Edible Forks and Spoons


If you don’t know already, I’m a huge foodie and find it extra amusing when I hear news or trends about food. I stumbled upon this while browsing through my RSS feeds and thought that it is ingenious! I assumed that something like this has to have been created already but after doing a quick Google search, everything linked me back to the Poilâne Forks and Spoons.

Poilâne is a French bakery that is known for making delicious breads, pastries, desserts and spreads. They have two stores in France and one in London. They have come up with a new and innovative way for people to eat desserts and appetizers and that’s their flavoured forks (the more popular ones) and spoons.

Community Crowdsourcing DIY Sustainability 

How to Build a Small Village


It’s like a Lego set except it’s life sized and extremely useful towards building a ‘small civilization with modern day comforts.’ Open Source Ecology is a movement driven by the efforts of farmers, engineers and supporters focused on developing tools for replicable, open source, modern off grid “resilient communities.” They firmly believe that “everyone in the world should have access to the technologies they need to escape poverty.” Using their open source industrial machines as a guide, one needs only to secure the scrap metal necessary and put in the labor in order to create fully functional farming and industrial equipment. From tractor pulls and bulldozers to hay balers and saw mills, this collection named the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) includes all the necessities to create a small village.

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WeWOOD Watches are on a Mission


We at Vidafine love design and innovation with a cause. In a time when environmental initiatives are guiding principles for many organizations, we love how companies, through simple acts, are helping to replenish our planet with its natural beauty. That’s why we really appreciate how companies like WeWOOD are sharing their mission of creating a more sustainable future with the help of their customers.