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Urban Forest Skyscraper by MAD Architects

Urban Forest_1_urban forest_Chongqin

With its distinct Asian inspired look, the design of what is called the, ‘Urban Forest‘ by MAD Architects of Beijing definitely has its appeal to both ‘green’ and design enthusiasts alike. A proposed commercial high-rise building in the city centre for Chongqing, China, the slightly off-centred stacked floor design mimics that of the mountainous landscapes of China. The 70 floor building acts as a facade, rising above the clutter that is of a typical city with imagery of a plant growing freely.


Each floor is covered in floor-to-ceiling glass windows allowing maximum light exposure. Levels are also distinctly unique, home to multilayer sky gardens, floating patios and minimal yet well-lit nesting spaces, providing a different experience for all who use it. As quoted by MAD themselves, “The Urban Forest will not be a piece of mediocre urban machinery, but an artificial organ that lives and breathes new life in the steel-and-concrete-filled city center.” I absolutely love the stacked almost ‘Pringles-like’ design! I wouldn’t mind working in a space like this either!

Urban Forest_8_1_entrance

What’s even more interesting to note for residents of the Greater Toronto Area is that MAD’s design work is viewable right in our backyard! Absolute Towers (Condo building) is a five-tower glass, concrete and steel luxury condominium complex in the heart of Mississauga. I’m excited to see what other ideas MAD has brewing as this young company of two years seems to have interesting concepts to share with world!


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  • http://www.juzd.com/ Sharky

    This is really cool! I would love to check out a place like this, seem so chaotic from far but really organize and normal from up close and when you are in the space.

  • http://stores.lulu.com/lightinglifegifts Lucy

    Awesome and what creativity..loving this Art!!!