Lovi Postcards

lovi-card-bird-1 finnish design

If I were to make such a bold declaration that 2010 officially marks the year that we declare our love for everything Finnish, it probably wouldn’t be too far-fetched (as you can see from our well-received look into Igloo life). Finnish design firm Lovi Oy certainly reinforces this case with their imaginative and playful postcards.


While traditional postcards do convey the message of being thoughtful, they indeed fall behind in the ornamentation practicality aspect. Here’s where Lovi differs from their lacklustre counterparts. Designed by Anne Paso, these birch plywood postcards come with pre-cut pieces along with string and instructions to be assembled into 3-D objects used to animate any room.


The smallest of the cards are able to fit into envelopes making them tremendously easy to send. As a small gift, these Lovi postcards will definitely put a smile on any receivers face with the multifaceted purposes it brings to one’s day.


While Lovi makes use of wood and paper for their products, they do their part in supporting the environment through the purchase of their decorative trees. With each purchase, they donate a portion to planting trees in a developing country.

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  • http://www.cindycaraway.com/ Cindy Caraway

    OMG!! I love, love, love these! Now I just have to get out my currency converter to see how much I have to break out of my piggy bank… Thanks for featuring these sweet postcards!

  • http://onesydneyroad.com/ Piper

    these are too cool – i love the birds. what a great idea – thanks for sharing this great find!!

  • ecee

    i want all of them!! waiting for one to be send over… hmm..

  • ecee

    I saw these for sale at the MoMa in NYC!!! There was a yellow bird and the red heart :)