Cinematography by Maiko Takeda

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Here is something that really caught our eye! London based designer, Maiko Takeda’s ‘Cinematography’ Collection takes jewellery to a whole new edge where shadows speak for themselves. The collection consists of simple geometrical shapes with immaculate forms where as light shines through it, unexpected motifs appear on the body, playing the main character, jewellery. The pieces, the body, the light and finally, the shadows together create a piece of installation art! Who said jewellery is just diamonds and stones? Vidafine was fortunate enough to speak with Maiko to learn more about her cool designs!!

We are very excited about your collection, Maiko. Tell us more about your unique designs.

The “Cinematography” collection is about wearing shadows as jewellery. Each piece is simply made of a sheet of mesh metal with thousands of various sized hand drilled holes. Once light shines through the piece, a shadow unexpectedly appears on the body as a photograph-like image of organic forms. Although it is an ephemeral and temporary material, the shadow remains as a secretive yet main part of the piece.

That’s a really interesting concept, how did this all start and what inspired you to keep going? Any difficulties along the way?

The project originally started when I analyzed what I didn’t like about jewellery – I just found it boring that jewellery design is often restricted by its supposed fit on only certain parts of the body, such as neck, fingers, wrists and ears even though the body has such interesting and complex structures, surfaces and shapes. Also, materials for jewellery can be very limited and they are supposed to be solid, durable and tangible. After thinking about this idea, one day I realized that shadows could be a very beautiful alternative to physical jewellery, despite its subtlety. It has a definite existence as it follows anywhere on a silhouette of the body. While designing, in order to create an unexpected contrast in effects between the actual pieces and their shadows, and to give a separate quality to the shadows from the object that casts the shadow, I intentionally chose organic motifs such as roses, eyes, a cat face and lizard because the pieces themselves are made out of minimal geometric forms and shapes. Each motif has an extremely recognizable and distinct shape – in fact, I experimented with many different types of cat faces, lizards, eyes and flowers etc. to find out the most effective image that works when projected in the shadow.

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Who are your favourite designers or artists? Would you say that they have affected you and your designs in any way?

I really like the way that jewellery and millinery are no longer just seen as fashion accessories but actually can be worn as body art and can define the outfit. I am very much inspired by designers such as Stephen Jones and Erickson Beamon. Also, performance and installation art are often my big inspiration, and I am especially interested in theatre/opera companies such as Complicite and Mahogany Opera and artists such as Olaffer Elisasson and Anthony Gormley.

How do you forsee your designs and final outcome changing the way design and lifestyle is currently being portrayed?

As a jewellery designer, I would like my work to be seen as art objects that inspire people but that can also be functional enough to be an element in one’s outfit. I feel this is the main goal for my work in the future.

jewellery maiko cat design

What are the projects that you are currently working on?

I am currently working on my next collection that again involves the use of unexpected and unusual materials, but not with shadows. I have also been working on some collaboration projects with fashion designers. I am excited to see the finished collections at London’s Fashion week in February where they will be launched! It has been a great experience for me to realize how my creativity and ideas can contribute to other designers’ work.

Would jewellery design be something that you’d want to continue with as a career?

I believe that life is organic and I would like to be working on projects in different disciplines within design. I always like to challenge and push the boundaries of new possibilities in my work. I would like to meet as many inspiring artists and designers as I can and collaborate to create inspiring work together in the future alongside my own projects!

Wow! Amazing stuff. Who would have thought something as simple as shadows could create something so spectacular! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Maiko! In the mean time, if anyone would like to see more of Maiko’s work, check it out here while we anticipate for the arrival of her next collection!

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  • ecee

    i absolutely love the rose shadow piece.
    it's beautiful!

  • will

    sorry, but i have to say this – definitely brings new meaning to eye shadow! ;-)