On the Go 

Go Mobile!

We’ve added wheels to our Blog and our Guide so they’re mobile friendly now! That means you can take us with you on your smartphone or on a mobile device that can access the web – just type in www.vidafine.com on your smartphone. So, if you want some inspirational reading at your local coffee shop or you’re waiting for the next stop on the streetcar, then come check out our Blog on your smartphone. (Note: Vidafine cannot be held responsible if you miss your stop – okay, maybe we’re partially to blame.)

Here are 5 other places you could consider using our Mobile Blog:

1. In the house, while waiting for paint to dry

2. Outside on the front lawn, while waiting for grass to grow

3. On the front porch, while the world ends or equivalently at the theaters, while watching 2012

4. Out of the plane, while skydiving (Vidafine is definitely not liable if you choose to do this one)

5. And of course, in the washroom, while on the can.

Our Guide is going green too. If you’re considering using our Guide this Christmas shopping season but want to be eco-friendly, you can now bring it with you on your Blackberry. We have a custom app from Dynamic Legend that will allow you to take the Guide with you on the go. With a data connection, you can get access to our Guide and map out the stores that you’re interested in. Got a Blackberry? Type in www.vidafine.com/to on your BlackBerry to get the app and click here for our instructions page.

Hope these additions make your life a little easier!

P.S. We don’t have an app for the iPhone yet, but look forward to the iPhone app soon.


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  • Robyn

    Ha Ha. Love the list of places where you can use it. I've got one! When your significant other is doing something which doesnt interest you! LOL