500 Coloured Pencils

colour wave pencils

Lettuce. Lobster Bisque. Mild Curry. Cantaloupe. Pumpkin Pudding. Snow Pea.

You may be thinking I’m listing my grocery list. In fact, these are the names of Felissimo’s latest product.

Social Designer is the brainchild of Felissimo Group, (a global company that strives to promote social responsibility through good design) out of New York. Social Designer’s mission is to spark new thinking by encouraging the design of socially-relevant and creative totes and tees which they sell online through their shop.

The Social Designer is currently holding a competition for a new Felissimo product, 500 Coloured Pencils. If you’re interested you can check out the competition here. But for those who are interested to know what these 500 Coloured Pencils are all about, let me explain.

These inspirational 500 Coloured Pencils are any artists’ dream! Upon subscription (meaning purchase), a set of 25 uniquely hued and named coloured pencils are delivered to the purchaser monthly. Social Designer’s reason for the monthly deliveries is due to the fact that they want their users to focus as an artist, working with color families and feeling the precious nature of each pencil. Over the span of 20 months, the full set of pencils are acquired and the possibilities are endless! As the purchaser anticipates the next set of mystery coloured pencils, perhaps they can ponder if they would want to use them or collect and display them too.

Here are some of the unique ways that Social Designer suggests to show off your purchase:


aurora coloured pencils

Colour Wave

500 coloured pencils wave


orchestra pencils

Flower Vase

Below are some of the works by individuals who have used their Coloured Pencils.. cool product I’d say!

lighthouse drawingcoloured lightscoloured motorcyle

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nelson-To/28111374 Nelson To

    makes me want to knock one over to see some domino action.

  • ecee

    …. but then you would have 500 pencils to pick up! hahaa

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benedict-Lau/28111253 Benedict Lau

    what would you do with 500 colours…?

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    what would you do with 500 colours…?

  • http://sigmatestudio.com/ SK

    Love the first pic! The little polar bear trapped by all those coloured pencils.

  • phileascheng

    good eye!

  • george k

    how they name all these colors…

  • ecee

    you can check out their blog which lists out the colours in a glossary format each month!
    maybe that will give you some insight! :D


  • amadlie

    give me the pencils

  • bhavi

    i need this colours wat shld i do