OCAD Series: Wii Chi

Dear Readers, Vidafine is proud to showcase some of the great projects that local industrial design students from OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) have come up with recently. We hope these posts will inspire you to think outside of the box and seek creative change in everyday life!

The Wii Chi – by Chun Lam Lee:

Wii Chi is a game concept inspired by the traditional Chinese martial art Tai Chi, which is widely practiced amongst the Chinese seniors. It is an activity where seniors can gather as a group to practice in an open space (such as parks) usually in the morning. Due to physical and environmental changes when these seniors are put into nursing homes, this morning routine is no longer performed. By creating a game concept which will work with the popular Wii game console, these seniors are able to easily maintain their healthy lifestyles!

Vidafine spoke with Chun Lam Lee to better understand where this Wii Chi idea came from and also what inspires her as a designer.

What made you decide to pursue your studies in design, specifically industrial?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in anything that’s related to art and design (I was literally attached to the arts & crafts corner when I was in pre-school) and as I grew older, the passion for it seemed to have increased as well. It was not until middle school when I watched the infamous shopping cart video from IDEO where I was determined to become an industrial designer. Through that video, I was able to make a connection between my passion towards design and how it can be transformed into skill sets which can have an impact in how society behaves.

What inspiration did you use to start and complete your project idea?

My family was what inspired me to dedicate my thesis project to the well-beings of the aging population. I’m sure that all of us have had some sort of first hand experience in dealing with certain restraints being placed upon our loved ones. For me, it was my grandmother. Because of her physical conditions as well as the busy life that our family faces on a daily basis, we were forced to place her in the care of others in a nursing home environment, which of course was not our preferred arrangement. As our society shifts towards a more aged demographic, more families will have to face the decision as we did and with this being said, I felt that I was on a mission to create a product/system that addresses these issues.

You can see the video of Chun Lam’s project below

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Check out Chun Lam’s personal blog here to learn more about her.

Thanks Chun Lam for taking the time to speak with us! Best of luck to you!

  • Jorge

    Hello, I do like this idea, actually I will like to buy this game. My 7 years old son, loves tai chi, but he can't learn it because there are no schools where we leave.

    Also if we can help some how we testing beta version and give you feedback we can do that too.

    thank you very much for your work in this project.

    Jorge and Simon

  • Fredy

    Hello, it’s a very good idea, i try to find a taï chi game on wii since a long time, to training at home, also if i can help to test beta version and give you my feedback i can do that.

  • Feseblanco

    We are looking for time for a game for wii of Thai chi. Where we can obtain it? We would be charmed with proving your work. Thank you. Philip and Amalia (Spain)

  • Ami

    Hello I am A Shiatsu’s teacher my illusion would be chi learns Thai-. Not neither with books, nor with videoes I have obtained it. With the WII it is more motivating, I encourage you to do this labor for all. Thank you. I expect to receive your program. An embrace

  • Jkseller88

    Fabulous! Would buy in a minute!

  • Amo

    I would love to buy this! great fun for the whole family.

  • Amo

    I might call it Tai Wii though.