Create for a Cause

Roughly half a year ago, Chrissie Lam took a three month sabbatical to volunteer in Rwanda. The nation has been torn apart due to war which ultimately led to a massive genocide in 1994. Peace is currently restored but Rwandans are still experiencing hardships from the aftershocks of war. Her goal was to connect artists, activists, communities and causes for a collaboration called Create for a Cause. Her first task, appropriately named “The Pangaea Project”, looks to involve people in a creative network that employs their skills and talents for philanthropic causes. Since undertaking this project, she has created a blog called Create for a Cause to document her venture and pretty much all that relates to Rwandan philanthropy.

Last summer, she got together with 4 talented artists – Bryan Collins, Jon Theiss, Steve Green and Chris McNally – to each come up with their own positive interpretation of the country for a t-shirt design. The results, as you can see from the above picture, were marvelous and inspirational. All profits received from the sale of the tees will be given to the Gisimba orphanage in Kigali, Rwanda.

Vidafine has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present to you two styles designed by Steve Green and Chris McNally.

Steve Green based his tee on flower petals made up of fingerprints to put a humanitarian stamp on the rebirth and growth of the flower. While the flower symbolizes the organic rebuilding of the country, the fingerprints represent the inhabitants. It is based on his belief that a beautiful image can ease the soul.

The two hands on Chris McNally’s design represent the land or history while the laid out palms signify the gesture of giving. The three colours are chosen to represent the nation’s flag and the three ethnic groups which reside there. The overall message which he wishes to convey behind this tee is interconnectedness.

Steve Green’s flower tee is available in Women’s small and medium as well as Men’s medium. Chris McNally’s hands tee is available in Women’s small and medium. All profits from this item will be donated to the Gisimba Orphanage in Rwanda.

Read more about Chrissie’s project at Create for a Cause.

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