Paper Cup Holders by Salco

stylish paper cup holders

I absolutely love these stylish paper cup holders! Recently, many have switched from the ol’ paper cups to personal re-usable mugs to help our dear environment. But for all those times where a paper cup is the inevitable solution, here is a series of Paper Cup Holders from the Mitsubai Tokyo shop that I discovered while browsing their site the other day.

These stylish paper cup holders are not your typical sleeves. They actually take the form of a mug once assembled. They fit most 205ml paper cups and even include a coaster! The best part is that they are made of wood (the handle and base) and cloth (the fancy patterned cover) which means they are 100% reusable! I especially love the array of patterns and colours to fit various styles and moods. The designers behind this nifty product are a team of two called SALCO from Japan. I know the price tag for these re-usable coasters may be a bit on the expensive side at about $14 USD, but I think they would definitely be great for the next dinner party or office social. Don’t you think?

paper cup holder basepaper cup holder packagepaper cup holder by salco

  • joseph

    wow these are great! where did you find them? a source would be helpful!

  • amwhitnell

    where do i go to buy it??????

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    only place i find is this online store in Japan:

    sorry =(

  • Bianca

    where can i purchase these fantastic cups?!
    Sydney, Australia