CoolBoom’s Architectural Picks For The Year

Dear readers, we’re pleased to welcome Sylvia from CoolBoom onboard as a guest writer on Vidafine. CoolBoom is an established blog focusing on the most creative architectural and interior designs from across the globe. We’ve been fans of their site for quite some time and they’ve continued to report on the most fascinating living spaces modern designers have to offer.

Hello everybody! This is Sylvia from CoolBoom, and today I am going to guest post on Vidafine. I would like to share with you three of my favourite architectural and interior designs of this year: one that I really like, one that’s most popular at the moment, and one that made me go crazy (I explain why later).

House in Montepríncipe by Estudio Nomada

Photos by Ángel Baltanás

The one that I really like personally is House in Montepríncipe by Estudio Nomada. This is a spectacular house in Madrid, beautifully designed, and where art is the real protagonist. Ever since I saw this house in a Spanish magazine, I knew had to show it to my readers seeing that it’s a really cozy and warm house. Read and see more pics here.

Courtyard House by Studio Junction

Photos by Rob Fiocca & Peter Tan

The one that’s really popular at the moment is Courtyard House by Studio Junction. This project, located in Toronto, is a conversion of a warehouse into a home and studio. I can understand why this post is one the most popular… It’s because its courtyard! Houses with courtyards are so amazing; you have a lot of light yet you maintain all the privacy you need to feel free. Also the interior is amazing, made almost entirely with wood. I absolutely love the stair’s drawers! Read and see more pics here.

PekiPeki by Akira Aoyama and Associates

The one that almost made me crazy is PekiPeki by Akira Aoyama and Associates. First I’ll explain the crazy stuff. Surfing the net, I found a photo of this amazing building located in Tokyo where you can practice your climbing skills. I thought, “This is great! Something really different. A minimal, clean and tasteful bouldering school. Nice!” But the surprise came when I found out that the amazing photos with all the information was only in Japanese! Luckily, Google translated everything for me. Read and see more pics here.

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did making it. See you around CoolBoom.

  • http://10steps.sg Johnson Koh

    These are beautiful!

  • phil

    Indeed they are! Glad you like them :)

  • ben

    love the rock-climbing place, i wouldnt wanna step on that wall n get it dirty