Multi-Sensorial Gastronomy


Last year, Vidafine presented Philips Design Probe’s Biosphere Farming idea to great appeal so we’ve decided to keep you updated on what else is cooking at Philips. Their latest exploration is Multi-Sensorial Gastronomy which really means understanding how the integration of light, conductive printing, selective fragrance diffusion, micro-vibration and a host of other integrations of sensory stimuli could influence the way diners experience eating in subtle ways. In laymen terms, that means in addition to smell and taste, they want to see how incorporating our full senses to include touch, sight and sound will affect the overall dining experience. (Just a refresher, Philip’s Design Probe is a dedicated ‘far-future’ research initiative to track trends and developments that may ultimately evolve into mainstream issues that have a significant impact on business). In other words, they have created concept tableware that glows when food is place on or in it.

This time Philips and Spanish restaurant Arzak collaborate to present this creative concept at the 8th annual International Gastronomy Summit (Madridfusión). Their idea is aimed at not only delighting palates, but also evoking emotion and stimulating the senses through the bone china series which includes the Lunar Eclipse (bowl), Fama (long plate) and Tapa da Luz (serving plate) which have been designed to react (light up, emit fragrances and vibrations) when food is placed on the plate or if liquid is poured into the bowl.

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Arzak thus has created three dishes; ‘Pomez stone – the only stone that floats’, the ‘Totem and taboo of foie’ and ‘After the footsteps of the roe deer’.



Adding this interesting dimension to food presentation foreshadows the potentials of scientific laboratory equipment adaptation and the invention of new kitchen technology through collaborations that will soon present itself in our daily lives! If you want to learn more about this concept of molecular gastronomy for yourself, you can purchase this interesting kit from ThinkGeek to see what you can come up with!

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