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Dream Ball and Eyesight by Unplug Design


After reading about Unplug Design Studio and their mission to improve public welfare for all human societies, I wanted to share their Dream Ball and Eyesight design with you all and get you inspired as well. Based out of Seoul, Korea, this team of Korean designers, like all product designers, hope to create something that will make life easier for some, or just give a chance for others. The Dream Ball and Eyesight are examples of just that.



The Dream Ball is a soccer ball constructed using recycled famine relief packaging. In under developed countries, a traditional soccer ball is considered a luxury as individuals can hardly afford to feed their families. Consequently, children use ropes, trash or bundled leaves and twigs as substitutes. Unplug aims to give these children a chance to experience what many in North America take for granted. Although the UN and Redcross provide the necessary commodity goods to these people in third world countries such as food, clothing and medication, the packaging that these items are usually shipped in go unused after it has served its primary purpose. By re-designing the relief packaging to do more than it was intended to, it offers children the opportunity to create various sized balls from the relief packaging by simply cutting the perforated cardboard boxes by hand and weaving the pieces together. The material is also not as stiff as it is anticipated that children will be playing with their bare feet. Brilliant idea!



In addition to the Dream Ball Project, another clever idea by Unplug are these magnified bottom drinking glasses labeled Eyesight.


This drinking glass is said to be very useful when reading small text such as newspapers, letters and product ingredients. The bottom of the glass uses a convex lens which is essentially a magnifying glass. The aim for this project is to remove the hassles of looking for reading glasses and also the unwilling nature of some to wear eye glasses. The dual purpose drinking glass helps people with poor eyesight to read and drink with ease.


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  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    simple design, profound impact

  • tristan

    Really shows how we may take the simplest of things in our lives for granted. Great find guys.

  • http://theaccessorylady.blogspot.com/ TheAL

    Brilliant idea!