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All I Want For Christmas ($30 or More)


Dear Santa,

It’s that time of year again and we’re writing to let you know how good we’ve been this past year. Besides helping old people cross the streets and saving crying infants from burning buildings, we’ve completed our homework on time and helped with household chores. Because of our good deeds, we believe that this warrants a slightly *better* gift. So without any further ado, here’s a list of gifts over $30 (USD) that are on our minds. Thanks and we’ll be looking forward to your visit!


All of us at Vidafine

P.S. Please enjoy the milk and cookies on the kitchen counter.

Schimmel Art Mosaic Prints

schimmel art mosaic prints

Image via ecofriend

You know the annoying junk mail that you get and throw away without even looking at? I bet everyone here (including myself) thinks that it’s garbage and a detriment to the environment. Well Sandhi Schmmel Gold of Schimmel Art has found an alternative use for these bothersome ads. She composes mosaic portraits of famous celebrity faces using a variety of colours and materials from junk mail and other paper scraps. Sandhi also does custom pieces if you have something special in mind. Ideal for any pop culture fanatic looking to brighten up a room.

Available at Schimmel Art. Prices vary depending on size.

2010 By the Numbers


What better way to keep creative and inspired each month of the New Year than through a calendar of different fonts. The Typographic Wall Calendar by Post Typography presents a different interpretation of the number “2010” each month with various illustrations. Just the gift for the font whore with a lust for typography and illustrations.

Available at Post Typography for $32.00 USD for international residents and $25.00 USD for US residents.

Don’t Think Just Shoot


Nowadays, it seems as if every other camera toting person with some slight knowledge of Photoshop considers themselves to be a serious professional photographer. We reminisce on the days where photography used to be unadorned and fun; where you could just snap candid photos capturing that special moment. For everyone else who feels this way, you’d probably appreciate the Don’t Think Just Shoot book by Lomography. Featuring over 2,000 cool Lomographs submitted by the global Lomographic community, this exciting book will definitely bring inspiration or at least a smile to your face. A gift that any photography freak would be sure to love.

Available at WeJetSet for $44.95 USD.

Rubik’s TouchCube


By now, most readers who follow Vidafine religiously will probably realize our fascination with Rubik’s cubes (ie. here and here). So it’s no surprise that we’ve included this fully touch-sensitive version of the classic game. Simply swipe your fingers to slide the lights on each row of the Rubik’s TouchCube. It also features a processor which calculates now many steps are necessary to solve the puzzle, providing hints if you’re ever stuck. Oh, and it also wouldn’t look too shabby sitting on your coffee table. A great gift for the obsessive puzzle solving geek.

Available at BestBuy for $49.99 USD.

Organic Indian Spice Box

organic Indian spice box

The Spice Trader has a collection of some of the finest organic spices from around the world. Their spices are blended by hand and are packed in air tight Spice Trader tins to ensure freshness. There are no sugars, preservatives, fillers or MSG added to their herbs or spices. Perfect for the aspiring cook with a taste for distinct Indian flavour.

Available at The Spice Trader for $55.00 CDN (approx $52 USD).

TomTom GPS iPhone App


For anyone going on a road trip this Christmas, you should definitely consider this. TomTom has the perfect GPS navigation app for iPhone 3G and 3GS users which can simply be purchased from the iTunes app store. Featuring awesome functions such as advising you on the correct lanes to navigate in and controlling your music from within the app, the TomTom app is one of the most useful apps we’ve come across. Original iPhone and iPod touch users however, will need the TomTom car kit with the GPS receiver. For the direction impaired friend who always gets lost while driving.

Available at the iTunes app store for $69.99 USD.

Imm-Living Totem Cups


While totem poles were put together by the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, Imm-Living’s totem cups were designed entirely with your kitchen in mind. Consisting for 4 stacking ceramic coffee cups, this totem cup set fruitfully marries functionality with playful fun. Perfect for the coffee drinking friend who’s looking to spice up their kitchen.

Available at Rolo for $74.95 CDN (approx $70 USD).

American Spoon Holiday Gift Case


You may not be the best cook but that shouldn’t stop you from providing one of the most memorable breakfasts for your overnight guests. Based out of northern Michigan, American Spoon is famous for their delicious fruit preserves. They take their craft seriously as they pack every jar with a concoction of the most succulent fruit possible. A great gift for the foodie who appreciates finely produced spreads, preserves and sauces.

Available at American Spoon for $99.50 USD.

Timex Expedition WS4


Any adventurous soul would realize the importance of having a reliable and durable watch when wrestling with nature. It appears as though Timex has created a timepiece that does just that. The Expedition® WS4® offers a wide screen dashboard providing altitude, weather conditions, a compass and many other functions to get you through the toughest environmental challenges. Perfect for the brave and adventurous outdoorsman – or woman.

Available at Timex for $200.00 USD

Jack Spade Industrial Canvas Dipped Weekender


Anyone who travels understands the importance of having a dependable bag to hold all their important stuff. I mean, what’s more annoying than not knowing where your passport is because you misplaced it 5 minutes ago at the counter. With an interior hanging pocket, riveted seams, reinforced bottoms and waxwear handles, the Jack Spade Industrial Canvas Dipped Weekender allows you to safely and conveniently keep your all belongings in one place. Just the gift for the jet-setter who’s conscious about where his/her essential belongings are held.

Available at Jack Spade for $325 USD.

Donation to Water.org


Although it is nice to receive extravagant gifts during Christmas, it is known as the season of giving more than receiving. What better cause to help out than to provide someone with the most basic essence for life – water. Matt Damon’s Water.org is a nonprofit organization that has provided safe water and sanitation to hundreds of communities across continents. A donation of $25 provides someone with water for life whereas $100 will look after a whole family. For the noble friend who’s willing to forgo their Christmas present to improve someone else’s livelihood.

Available at Water.org for any desired amount.

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