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Wants & Needs For Sale


In life, if you ever want or need something, it pretty much goes down like this. You work, get paid, and use that money to buy whatever it is that you want or need. However, New York artists Justin Gignac and Christine Santora have light-heartedly put this common routine on its head.


Justin and Christine came up with an idea to paint one thing that they want in each painting – whether it be Buffalo Wings, a Nintendo Wii, or an iPhone. Buyers interested in purchasing these pieces would pay the price of the real item for that actual painting, resulting in a win-win situation for both sides. Buyers get to decorate their walls with original cartoonish artworks while Justin and Christine get what they’ve illustrated.


While their website Wants for Sale was established as an outlet for the couple to sell paintings of stuff they want, Needs for Sale was set up to support charities in the same fashion. 100% of each sale will be donated to charity for the item in the painting.


Needs for Sale include money for a nice home which will be donated to the fine folks at Habitat for Humanity as well as a contribution for some good meals at the Food Bank For New York City. Check it out and perhaps you could even find a nice holiday gift while helping out the less fortunate.


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