TypeTees Summer Sale

While you were reading my shirt I took your wallet.

With t-shirt season (finally) approaching, TypeTees decided to hold a Summer Heatwave Sale until next Monday. Some of their ‘sizzling hot’ t-shirts are on sale for only $5! Every TypeTee began as a slogan submitted and rated by members of the Threadless community. Two winning slogans are selected each week, and with an artistic touch, a new TypeTee is born.

Have a great, original slogan in mind? Join the Threadless community, submit your slogan, and you could be the next winner! See some of my personal favourites below.

My career plans were much more exciting when I was five.Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder.Shakespeare hates your emo poemsStupid raisins, stay out of my cookiesReal bear hugs are often fatal.I liked homework better when it was called coloring.