The Money Folder – Won Park

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Instead of spending his money (I guess in these recessionary times careful spending is necessary…), Won Park has decided to master the art of Japanese paper folding, which has given him the opportunity to pursue two of his most favourite things; making money and making art. Money folder as he is known as, uses mainly United States one dollar bills as his canvas to fold, tuck, twist and bend the bills into life. “No glue, no cuts, no tape” he says.

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Park creates geometric creatures and objects; both living and non-living, that amazes his audiences due to the sheer detail of each creation. He’s often challenged by his friends and family to create a variety of objects. I guess that’s where his inspiration and drive to create comes from. You will see from the images below he has also been working with Euros recently, to draw the attention of European audiences.

Although you don’t see this artist’s work gracing any museums, Park’s portfolio is worth a look. It’s also a great money saving technique since he probably doesn’t want to ‘unfold’ his artwork after it’s been created… better than a piggy bank don’t you think?

If Origami design is something you’re interested in, check out the Origami City by Wataru Ito of Tokyo for further inspiration!

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