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As our Torontonian readers might very well know, last Saturday was Toronto’s fourth annual Nuit Blanche festival. Although there were numerous ‘art’ (and I do use the term art quite loosely) exhibitions throughout the downtown core, there were only maybe a handful that we really revered and showed appreciation for. Don’t get me wrong, it was in fact a fun night for the city and I do admire the notion behind the whole event, but the majority of the exhibitions just didn’t impress us all that much. But there were impressive displays nonetheless, and one that really caught our attention happened to not even be part of the Nuit Blanche exhibition. I was initially informed of this through our friend Rowley who owns one of our favourite stores Rolo in Yorkville. They were kind enough to offer the entrance of their store to Cube Works – a group of designers and Rubik’s cube-ists who create iconic images out of Rubik’s cubes.

Born out of the 80’s toy craze, the Rubik’s cube is very well recognized throughout the world and Cube Works has decided to use this iconic toy as their palette. They basically use the various colours on the cube as pixels and re-create familiar images out of these cubes. Believe it or not, Cube Works actually has a full-time Rubik’s Cube expert who specializes in arranging the cubes. Working with talented designers who reconstruct popular images into a pixelated form, the cube-ist rearranges the cubes to what is required in order to generate these pictures. For instance, they’ve remade the infamous Last Supper image with Rubik’s cubes and are actually in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest work (4050 cubes measuring 8.5 feet x 17 feet) of its kind in the world. Aside from the notorious Last Supper recreation, they do a lot of portraits of renowned celebrity icons. Here’s a look at some that they’ve done:

Michael (Oops! got them mixed up… thanks Travis!)






It was nice to see something like this was being exhibited in Toronto. We’ll be sure to keep in touch with Cube Works to see what other world records they’ll be setting in the near future!

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  • travis

    rad stuff. i went to nuit blanche here in paris on saturday night.
    however, first image is definitely david bowie as aladdin sane.

  • ben

    damn… we both thought it was Michael Jackson when we first saw it. thanks Travis =)