#ideaCity10: Ideas Change the World


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Over the course of the next few days (namely June 16th to June 18th, 2010), Vidafine will be exclusively covering the 11th annual ideaCity 2010 conference out of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Koerner Hall in Toronto with live feeds and daily summary posts. The conference is a 3-day inspirational wonderland, featuring 50 of the planet’s brightest and most fascinating people; which include artists, adventurers, authors, cosmologists, doctors, designers, entertainers, filmmakers, inventors, magicians, musicians, scientists and technologists. Individually they each bring their experiences and stories in unscripted, engaging 20 minute presentations. In addition, each day ends with a legendary party, hosted at sophisticated venues within Downtown Toronto and a chance to rub shoulders with Margaret Atwood, Belinda Stronach, and Bonnie Brooks. Attendees are idealists, advocates of change, and individuals that value the spread of ideas; exactly what Vidafine is all about.


Also known as “Canada’s Premiere Meeting of the Minds”, ideaCity is produced and presented by Moses Znaimer, a Media Innovator, Channel and Station Creator, ideaCity Producer and ZoomerMedia Limited Founder. His passion for innovation and dedication to inform, enrich and engage has led him to the success of this elite ideaCity conference. You can follow him @MosesZnaimer to learn more. At approximately $4,000 a ticket, only a privileged 700 people are able to physically attend the conference to hear the likes of Canadian Literary Icon-Margaret Atwood, CEO of the Hudson’s Bay Company-Bonnie Brooks, Youth Advocate & ‘Tiny Literary Giant’-Adora Svitak or Video Blogger & YouTube Sensation-Natalie Tyler Tran speak about their experiences. (To see the full list of presenters, click here).

After reading the list of presenters and learning more about the ideaCity conference, I’m quite excited to say that this year’s line up of presenters will be mainly female. Past ideaCity conferences have had a low proportion of female presenters, so this year Znaimer has decided to turn the stage to focus on the notable women of this planet, with their ideas on changing the world. Yipee!

If you are unable to put $4,000 towards this event, new to this year’s event is the ability to watch the LIVE webcast right from the comfort of your home or office. “Home and Business HOOK UP” is being made available through special VIP access. So gather a group of your closest friends and colleagues and pitch in for the $1,000 3-day online access to watch all the speakers and entertainers that will be at the event!


Better yet, stay informed and up to date with Vidafine’s live feeds available through this site starting Wednesday June 16th, 2010 and read our highlights from the presenters each evening from the 16th to the 18th. Vidafine has been fortunate enough to obtain media passes to this exclusive event and so we will be there in person! You can follow our tweets @Vidafine or look up the hashtags #ideaCity10, #ideaCity on Twitter to keep up with what’s happening. Our goal at Vidafine will be to share our experiences with you while at the event, and describe to you the insights we’ve gained through the conference. In the end, we hope this will be one of the many ways we can continue to inspire our readers to be bold, creative and make positive changes throughout their lifetime.

After going through the list of speakers, if you have any questions you’d like to ask any of the presenters, feel free to let us know in this post’s comment section, we’d be more than happy to bring them up during the conference and ask the individuals directly what you’ve been wondering! :) Here’s the list again for your viewing pleasure. Don’t be shy and ask away!

Well of Change
Military World Winter Games
ideaCity 2010: Day 1
ideaCity 2010: Day 2
  • ecee

    I'm excited to meet Faith Popcorn-Trend Expert with 2 questions in mind…
    1) ask her how she got that wicked name 2) how she is able to 'predict' these trends.. what does she use as her basis of thinking or how does she map out her predictions?

    Learn more about her here: http://www.ideacityonline.com/presenters/faith-

  • ecee

    I just want to meet Adora Svitak-Teacher, Youth Advocate and Author to get tips on how to better educate people and children, as a soon-to-be teacher, I'm always on the look out for ways to better engage my young audiences and who better to speak with than a young person!

    See her profile here: http://www.ideacityonline.com/presenters/adora-

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    you definitely should chat with her Ev

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.loo Eugene Loo

    I want to meet Bonnie Brooks, Belinda Stronach, and #communitychannel Natalie Tran.

    I can't wait! What an opportunity. Now what to say?