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Citra Design Open House


Last Thursday, Vidafine was fortunate enough to be invited to Citra Design‘s Open House in Downtown Toronto (you can also find them on Facebook). The newly minted design/prototyping space and design agency, formed by a group of recent OCAD graduates definitely drew a great turn out. The space bustled with individuals who had a keen interest in art & design, technology and culture. Christine Lieu, Chun-Lam Lee, Christian Lo, Casey Wong, Johan Park and Kevin Heesung Kwak are the creative enthusiasts behind Citra Design’s existence. It was awesome to see these design students so driven to make a difference with their bestowed talents.


Our goal is to support the design and business community in their product development efforts, in a kind of Re-Industrial Revolution for the GTA, while at the same time pursuing projects in the urban agriculture, sustainable urbanism, and art installation realms,” said Chun-Lam on behalf of the team.


In a recent début at the Toronto Green Living Show 2010 and on CityTV, the team was able to show off their latest creation “Sprout”, a set of patio lounge chairs designed and built by Citra Design. Created from salvaged hardwood skids from a local hardware store, the minimal design resonates the functionality of its original form through its modular capabilities.

Throughout their recent endeavors, they have come to realize the importance of having a communal space where creative talents can come together and realize their visions. As a collective, they are looking forward to tackling various projects ranging from research to prototyping, as well as collaborating with other design talents whom share a similar vision.


Vidafine is ecstatic about the cause that Citra Design is working towards, borne out of young and ambitious individuals, we wish Citra Design the very best! If you are also passionate about what they do, be sure to get in touch with them!


It was definitely a pretty inspiring event, check out these wall paintings too by Kyle Clements (also an OCAD alumni) that nicely filled the space. Pretty wicked cityscape paintings don’t you think?

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