Design for a Dollar

Can you guess what that is?

It’s a Metamorphosis Lighting Fixture by Sukmo Koo and Young Taek Oh

At this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) held in New York, the busiest and most eco-friendly booth was themed ‘Design for a Dollar’ which showcased very cost effective and original designs created by industrial design students from the Pratt Institute. Products exhibited ranged from chandeliers to tables to lamps and even plates made out of such things as orange peels and old egg cartons. I for one, always tend to keep ‘things’ and use it later for ‘something else’. What is deemed waste for some, may very well be a gold mine for others. For those of us who may not be as creatively driven as these students, here’s an idea: donate your ‘goodies’ to your local schools or design studios. I’m sure they would be able to find a purpose for your items in no time!

Below are a sample of some of the creations exhibited:

Crystal Chandelier by Jennie Maeri
The Drip Plate by Catherine Merrick
The Paper Bailout Bag by Rebecca Marshall
Cumulus Table by Daniel Jeffries
Orange Votive Candles by David Steinvurzel
Magazine Stool by Li-Rong Liao

Images via Moco Loco

Citra Design Open House
Philips Design Probe-Biosphere Farming
food probe
Hong Kong PolyU Design Annual Show
polyu hong kong annual design show
Dream Ball and Eyesight by Unplug Design
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