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The Perfect Hoodie


One of my favorite Christmas movies of all time is Elf, a movie where a human (Buddy played by Will Ferrell), is raised by a group of elves in the North Pole. The first time Buddy discovers New York City, he’s like a kid in a candy store – everything is brand new, fresh, and exciting. In one scene, he runs past a local coffee shop and sees this sign – Best Coffee in the world and immediately runs into the store and yells out at the top of his lungs “You’ve done it. Congratulations. Best Coffee ever. Good job guys!”

When I found out about Clothing Brand Experiment (CBE), a production studio that takes ‘locally made’ to a whole new level, I was intrigued. As a hoodie ‘lover’ myself, I have been long in my pursuit for the ‘perfect hoodie.’ Vidafine visited CBE’s hoodie designer show last month and as I tried on a hoodie for myself and when I slipped it on, I knew I found it. The Perfect Hoodie. I refrained myself from yelling out at the top of my lungs “You’ve done it. Congratulations. Best hoodie ever. Good job guys!”


While the majority of clothing is made in a number of third world and developing countries, does this have to be the norm? Although labour, material inputs, and capital may be less expensive half way around the world, what kind of economical and environmental sacrifice are we making by outsourcing our manufacturing process to third-world countries?

These questions alone make the CBE hoodie all that more special as it is wholly and completely manufactured within 50km of the Greater Toronto Area. From the cotton used as raw materials, to the hang-tags on the hoodie, everything is locally made. Elly Green, the owner and creator of the company, even found a few local artists to create the print design for this garment. This hoodie has Toronto written all over it.


With reinforced thumb holes, a sturdy set of zippers, scuba style necks, and thick shoelace drawstrings, Elly has left nothing to chance and certainly did not sacrifice the quality and workmanship of her clothing pieces. Since inception in 2007, CBE has released 4 collections including a new CBE T-shirt line that debuts this summer. I have full confidence that if their T-shirts are anything like their hoodies, fashionistas, hipsters, and anyone for a good appreciation for clothes will be all over this summer lineup.


While even I was skeptical at first, you really just need to try one of these things on for yourself. CBE clothing can be found in the CBE online store and boutiques in major cities across Canada and a few select stores in the States.

So if you’re looking for that Perfect Hoodie, look no further. We’ve gone ahead and found it for you!

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  • Whitney

    CBE's hoodies are AWESOME! Totally want to buy one!!!!