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The Body, Mind and Spirit Resort


When Geoff McCabe first drove into Montezuma, Costa Rica, he knew without a doubt that this was the place he was meant to be in. As fate would have it, the construction of his personal residence eventually turned into a full resort and yoga retreat center which has gained much attention since it’s opening. In a land where becoming the world’s first carbon neutral country is a national priority, Geoff has made it his mission to bring this priority to the international forefront with his vision for the Anamaya Resort.


After much research and investigation, Geoff envisioned a resort that would refresh the body, mind and spirit, while having a lasting impact on its visitors. Together with his partners Joseph Mikrut, Karen Ramsey McCabe and Kelsey Matheson, the vision was brought to life through Anamaya. To make the resort truly welcoming to the body, great care has been taken to ensure the physical surroundings are pleasing to all guests. In designing Anamaya, consideration for good airflow and natural lighting was a must. The resort has been built with concrete, a material which can be painted with stuccos and as a result, does not produce any toxic vapour. Unlike wood or bamboo, concrete also creates an environment that keeps bugs away, so you can keep the bug spray at home!

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In addition to great air quality and natural lighting, careful attention has been placed to offer the freshest foods grown locally. What would a resort be without a delectable dining experience? Anamaya also features a menu with fresh and mostly organic foods served daily to its guests. Being in Costa Rica, the resort is also not afraid to dive into the wild side, experimental projects such as the Wall of Salad and Fish, a vertical aquaponics garden situated near its infinity pool is not uncommon.

When your physical body has had its fix of rejuvenation, Anamaya is also known for its widely popular yoga retreats, offering visitors the perfect opportunity to wind down and spend some time on personal reflection. Even when on vacation, it’s good to keep the mind and body stimulated. How can you not be relaxed staring out into the stunning waters?



If yoga is not your thing, the resort also features exotic activities from fire dancing classes to aerial dance lessons with Ana Prada, former aerialist performer with Cirque du Soleil, to keep you on your feet. Finally, the resort is also an invaluable part of the local community, Geoff and his team frequently hold events such as the recent fundraiser for a local non-profit school through Anamaya as a way to interact with those around him.  At Anamaya, you can be sure to experience not just resort life, but also being a part of the Costa Rica community.



What impressed me the most about Anamaya is not the beautiful resort and its surroundings, but its story and Geoff’s commitment to his vision. A project that spawned off his personal love for Montezuma, but evolved into a green resort that continues to push its potential for ecotourism, is something worth talking about. Through Anamaya, Geoff has been able to share with local and international guests his vision for a healthy life. It is amazing how far following your passion leads you to places you never imagined!

See more photos of Anamaya Resort on our Flickr.

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  • ecee

    The Wall of Salad and Fish is amazing!! From their blog I read..

    “Aquaponics, like hydroponics, is when you use a soil-less substrate to grow plants and cycle nutrients through the soil-less grow-beds. When you are growing a Hydroponic garden you are usually adding nutrients in the form of chemical fertilizers that you have to buy from the store. However, when you grow an Aquaponic garden, you are adding nutrients to the grow bed by cycling water that contains fish-waste through the bed.”

    What a great way to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers circulating around the resort. It's amazing the amount of detail they have put into this resort. Every component seems to be seamlessly integrated however I'm sure a lot of thought has been put into the whole construction and aesthetics of the place! Way to go Anamaya!

  • Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady

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    If so, send me an email at madelyn@travellady.com