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Enhancing Customer Experience (Part 2)


Enhancing customers’ and patrons’ experience extends far beyond the price tags, clothing racks and cash registers. As we’ve seen last week, differentiating from the competition has become quite vital in making that customer experience special. This week, we’ll continue to explore the different ways some other brands are really bringing together disparate parts to create a fused unique experience for their customers.

Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit


Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit is and has been one of the more advanced subway systems in the world in terms of accessibility and technological pragmatism. Holding up to their reputation, earlier this year, they’ve deployed hundreds of multi-functional “Digital View” terminals in their subway locations in hopes of making the lives of on-the-go locals easier.

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Korean web portal Daum provides the technology to power the interactive “Digital View” terminals which essentially aim to replace and enhance the paper print out maps of the subway lines at the stations. They’re also fully equipped to provide local street view maps, news, weather, movie schedules, and free public phone. These touch screen terminals truly supplement the busy lifestyles which encompass the city. It’s also a great tool for those in need of info (such as travellers like myself) or for locals wanting to check their stocks while waiting for the next train.

Holika Holika


Holika Holika is a new Korean cosmetic brand aimed towards the younger generation of Korean girls. With three locations in the trendy fashion district of Myeong-dong, it looks like they’ve gone all out in creating a fantasy like setting for consumers with ultra lavish interior and exterior décor. Holika Holika runs with this concept and from the looks of it, they’ve done an excellent job of putting it all together. The brash and fairytale furnishings bring out the storybook imagination that every girl dreams of in their childhood, allowing them to gently relive the experience inside the store. They’ve even enlisted the endorsement of local Korean boy-band C.N. Blue as the official spokespeople for the brand.


Pictures via Koreanclicks.com and SuPeachChaya

Adidas Originals


When talking about the marketing campaigns, it’s impossible to talk about one sportswear giant without mentioning the other. Last week, we saw Nike’s dynamic bid in building up the hype with their WOWSAN107 pop up shop. Their counterpart Adidas, doesn’t fall short as they’ve collaborated with America’s first fashion magazine – Harper’s Bazaar for their Adidas Originals line.


While Harper’s Bazaar is known for their exciting fashion photography, and Adidas for their cutting edge hold on urban fashion, no one can argue about the collaboration as the two big names banded to create the cool modish imagery for the new line. For the shoot, they’ve got Korean actress Kim Min Hee modelling as Adidas has appointed her an ambassador for their A.039 Blue Label Collection. The collaboration brings about a unique perspective in presenting the collection as well as items from other brands in professional manner.

For those who are interested in reading about new innovative ways retailers are enhancing the retail experience, take a look at PSFK’s special report on the Future of Retail.

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