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I have been super excited to present to you this next giveaway that we are offering here at Vidafine. We are always talking about making the world a better place through proactive change. We must not forget then, to capture those moments, whether they are everyday occurrences or special spontaneous adventures, so that we can reflect and be glad of what has transpired. Pascal Campion‘s work does just that, captures life’s precious moments through illustrations. I have been a follower of this talented illustrator’s work for some time now and was recently presented with my very own 2 prints (the first of many to come!) from his gallery of masterpieces. Our giveaway this time around will give you an opportunity to choose your favourite prints from Pascal’s latest collection (2008-2010) of work!! Wait until you see his stuff!


Before we get into the details of this contest, I wanted to share with you the story behind Pascal’s captivating work. Being in attendance over the last several years at Comic Con, Pascal is most recognized for being able to so quickly churn out detailed and mesmerizing work. When I say quickly, I mean it takes him about 1 hour to create each picture! If you follow his work, you will notice that every day he has something new up on his site! With 10 years of experience in graphics and animation, Pascal lets us know that it’s his constant practice that makes his work easier (and faster for that matter). Drawing to Pascal is a superpower, the power to create.


If you study Pascal’s work, it draws you in, almost in a magical way. It’s because his drawings communicate relevant emotions and experience that most people come across daily or throughout their lives. Quite simply, his drawings are emotions and experiences that he personally feels and encounters, translated into images on paper. His inspiration comes from music, his wife, his daughter—Lily, San Francisco (where Pascal resides), his relationships with others and just daily musings.

Take a look at this recent interview with Pascal and you can see his passion for art shine through.

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Pascal also draws for books and has recently created an iPhone app for download to remind people of life’s moments. You can buy any of his prints now OR you can enter our contest below for your chance to win!



Pascal is all about capturing life’s moments. So how appropriate would it be to ask our readers to share with us, your most memorable moments. They don’t necessarily have to be a birthday, wedding or anniversary moment. It can be any ‘feel good’ moment that has been kept dear to your heart.

There are 3 ways to enter (you can enter all 3 ways to increase your chances of winning)

1 | Comment below on the Vidafine/Pascal Campion post:

What is your life’s most memorable moment and why is it so special to you?

2 | Follow @Vidafine on Twitter and RT:

@Vidafine is giving away @PascalCampion’s illustrations! Tell them your most memorable moment to win! http://bit.ly/93P1v4 RT to enter!

3 | Find us on Facebook!

Become a fan of Vidafine on Facebook and click the ‘Like’ button! Then, share this post on your wall and let us know, to increase your chances of winning!



For every 100 entries, Pascal will choose 1 winner. The winner will then be able to select any print from Pascal’s 2008-2010 gallery. He will then personally mail the chosen print directly to the winner(s) so make sure you provide a contact email for us to retrieve your address! 1 new winner will be chosen for every 100 entries, up to a maximum of 3 winners (i.e. if we get 300 entries, there will be 3 winners).



All those who enter must have a Canadian or US address (sorry to those living in the rest of the world! – we’ll have international contest coming up in the future, so stay tuned!). Prizes No.1-3 are three individual prizes; we will ensure all winners are different people, so not to worry!

Entries must be submitted between 9:00am Eastern Time on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 to Saturday, August 14th, 2010 11:59pm Eastern Time. On Monday, August 23rd, 2010, the winner(s) will be announced once we get in touch with those chosen.
Thanks in advance for sharing with us your moments. I think reading these entries will put a smile on anyone’s face. I’m excited for your responses! And special thanks to Pascal for sharing his wonderful work with us!


Contest closed. Thank you for all the entries, see results here.

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  • Pat B

    A precious moment in my daughter's childhood popped into my mind when I read about these illustrations: my one year old daughter and I were looking out a second-story window in our house towards the dark sky. There was a full moon that night, and she uttered her first words “ball high”. Wouldn't that make a great illustration?!

  • suzquiz

    I would have to pick 3 & they are when I had my 3 children. Nothiing can compare to those moments

  • suzquiz
  • suzquiz

    Like you on Facebook & posted

  • http://www.cindycaraway.com Cindy Caraway

    I (luckily) have LOTS of memorable moments but here is my favorite:
    I have know the man who would eventually become my husband for as long as I can remember. We grew up in the same small town, were involved in the same activities in school, attended the same small college where we played opposite each other in the musical and even worked as entertainers in the same theme park one summer. Never dated… no interest.
    I hadn't seen him for 15 years when I found out he was performing at a local pub and went to see him. I was stunned when he walked in! In place of the skinny kid I had always known was this incredibly handsome man! Let's just say that 15 years had done him good. I will never forget that moment. It was a fateful moment which changed my life. I'm so glad I went to hear some music that night and that that handsome and talented man is now my husband.

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    That's some serious first words for a one-year-old! Not the typical 'mum' and 'dada' =)

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    Thanks Suzquiz!

  • Terrymac

    My most memorable moment is the first time my husband and I kissed. After a couple of weeks of dating, we were walking along the top of our local dyke talking about the mighty river and how Richmond was situated below sea level. As we were talking, I was looking at him, he looking straight ahead, I slipped into a hole, yelped, and he turned grabbed my arm. Our faces were inches apart! Nature took over, and he placed a very gentle loving kiss on my lips! Now how romantic is that?

  • Terrymac

    I liked Vidafine on FB and became a fan, then went to my FB page and posted a comment about this giveaway with a link back.


  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/XHUTI7ALSJUAZDOW4VPGI2FDA4 Serena Hay

    Lifes most memorable moment was meeting my future husband on Vancouver Island after we talked on a fishing forum. We met at the Browns Bay Chum Salmon Derby and got married soon after. Best fishing trip I ever took!

  • Melanie

    As a child I used to lay on the floor underneath our aluminum tinsel Christmas tree, gazing upward into its silver branches as the revolving light slowly and magically transformed it from on hue to another. To some that tree was the epitome of tacky, but to me it was pure mystical joy!

  • http://twitter.com/hongdoufantuan Jessica Tang

    my most precious moment is during christmas times. Just watching the snow-covered festivities make me appreciate all that is good in life.

  • http://twitter.com/hongdoufantuan Jessica Tang
  • http://twitter.com/hongdoufantuan Jessica Tang
  • 30pa

    Laying in the grass by the river and watching the stars through a hole in the clouds of an overcast sky with my best friend. Although this was picturesque enough by itself, it was extra special because it was a reaffirmation to my friend and I about the strength of our friendship – it followed a harrowing moment in our relationship that really could potentially have ended it, but at that moment, we knew we were still old buds.

  • Ae_fitzgerald

    Holding hands for the first time with the man that I love. There is something in hand-holding that just envelops you with love and well-being. To me, it is more special than the first kiss or anything else.

  • Hoob

    My most memorable moment is walking from Hurrican Ridge to Roaring Winds in Olympic National Part in Washington. Absolutely breathtaking in all senses of the word.

  • xmd5

    my precious moment would be when i harversted my home grown watermelon, took me a long time to grow it but its definetly worth it

  • Vibrenteyes

    10 years ago I was laid off from a well paying job in southern california. I decided to take the drive from San Diego to my original home in NJ. I wasn't happy to make this transition and set off somberly. As I came through Arizona, I knew it was getting late and that night would be approaching. I never thought I would see what came next from mother nature. To my surprise I drove directly into the most breath taking sun set one could ever imagine. The sky was colored with so many shade of oranges, pinks and yellows that I pulled over and just breathed it in for at least 10 minutes. When ever the ups and downs of life come I go back to that memory and know that no matter how bleak the moment seems. The future will always show you something better and possibly even beyond your imagination!

    Thank you for this contest. Please let me know that I'm entered correctly. Twitter and Facebook seem to be questionable.


    I couldn't get the link of the tweet for this…but I am following on my page?

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you captured that moment, we all need that to assure us of the future in difficult times!

    Yup I got your AOL email and you let us know about the FB entry already =)
    The tweet link is just clicking on the pink text in the post.

    Good luck and have a great day!

  • Vibrenteyes

    I think this shows i'm tweeting it! Tho as you could see my name is different on twitter. Take care and thanks again!

  • http://twitter.com/textiff Sheryl Edwards

    My most memorable moment was my marriage to my husband. it was the most important event of my life. We still have a great marriage and he is my best friend!

  • http://twitter.com/textiff Sheryl Edwards

    The most memorable event of my life was my marriage. It was the most important lifechanging event of my life. We still have a great marriage and he is my best friend!

  • http://twitter.com/textiff Sheryl Edwards
  • David

    My most memorable moment was when I finally recovered and got out of the hospital after falling ill as a child. It was the happiest moment out of my life.

  • Janet

    Walking in the “sea of red” in Vancouver when the Canadian men's hockey team beat the American team for gold in the Olympics! It was full of pride and joy – loved every second of it.

    Also posted on Twitter: @unmonstre

  • http://twitter.com/richardtea Richard Tea

    Life’s most memorable moment is when you see a new born baby. It is special as it makes you realize that things have to move on and there is continuity and hope!