Green Copper House and Composting Shed

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Green Copper House


We all would like to live in an eco/green/efficient home but not without a touch of modernity. Architect Andy Bernheimer of Della Valle Bernheimer solves this problem by creating this beautiful modern home in the Hudson Valley. As seen from Jetson Green, this house was recently bestowed the honour of GreenSource Magazine’s Best Green House for March of 2010. Whether it’s the diffusion of sunlight into the house or heat insulation, the house was designed with the dynamic effect of time and the concept of sustainability in mind.

Just one curious fact though. In such an efficient and self-sufficient house, why use copper as an exterior material when it can be toxic?


Photos courtesy of Richard Barnes via GreenSource Magazine.

As seen via Jetson Green and GreenSource Magazine.

Composting Shed


Groves-Raines Architects projected a small composting shed in a private garden in Edinburgh, with an unusual design and construction technique.


The structure, which serves as a composting area and garden store, is made entirely from industrial steel bars using a technique similar to traditional willow weaving. The organic form embraces a 5 ton boulder on the site located at the furthest corner of the garden, providing a point of interest for garden visitors.


Photos courtesy of Dan Farrar.

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  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    copper is toxic?

  • phileascheng

    yeah, apparently in high concentrations they are. but at lower concentrations it's an essential trace nutrient to all higher plant and animal life. via wiki of course…ahah