Crowdsourcing is the concept of product development efforts outsourced to a large crowd rather than an individual or a small team. The distinction is not merely one of size, but the open call for input and often voluntary participation. More efficient collaboration is enabled from advancements in information technology as parties may collaborate without the administrative costs that usually scale with the size of an organization. The current trend has evolved to cover diverse traditional industries ranging from fashion to microfinancing.
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How to Build a Small Village


It’s like a Lego set except it’s life sized and extremely useful towards building a ‘small civilization with modern day comforts.’ Open Source Ecology is a movement driven by the efforts of farmers, engineers and supporters focused on developing tools for replicable, open source, modern off grid “resilient communities.” They firmly believe that “everyone in the world should have access to the technologies they need to escape poverty.” Using their open source industrial machines as a guide, one needs only to secure the scrap metal necessary and put in the labor in order to create fully functional farming and industrial equipment. From tractor pulls and bulldozers to hay balers and saw mills, this collection named the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) includes all the necessities to create a small village.

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When you were a child, did you enjoy being read to? Smories is a website filled with a library of original children stories, read by kids. This website was the outcome of Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar’s insight on children’s interest in reading to one another. What I like about Smories is that it is fully aware of childrens’ increasing obsession with the internet. Children could easily be browsing content that is not suitable for them. Smories acts as a safe alternative and a healthy environment for children to be on the internet.

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Crowdsourcing Audio Designs

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Whether you realize it or not, technological advancements (particularly the web) has made the world we live in smaller. And by smaller, I mean everyone is so much more connected, easing the flow of communications and participation amongst people from different corners of the world. AudioDraft out of Finland looks to take advantage of this through connecting producers of audio content with musicians.

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Interactive Arcade Fire Music Video

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One thing that crowdsourcing really brings to the table is the human interaction in the otherwise one directional conversations that occur through various channels of media. Users have been empowered with the ability to more than have a say, and actually have a hand in the creation of the final product. Take a look at music videos for instance. Traditionally, it has been musicians putting together a short flick for the viewer’s pleasure. But as usual, the advancements of technology have lubricated the engine for interaction between the makers and users. Take acclaimed Canadian indie rock band, Arcade Fire for instance. They recently released a music video – but with a slight twist.

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4food for Thought


There has been a lot of buzz around the idea of online gaming as of late especially with the rise of popular social media sites like Facebook and Foursquare which have integrated a gaming component into their applications. But what if gaming was introduced on a whole new level? What if it was integrated into your daily diet? We’ve discussed the idea of DIY heels a while back, but this month, the people at 4food have cooked up something else. A DIY burger joint that allows you to place your order for a customized burger online and try your chances at leading the pack on the 4food onsite leaderboard.

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Crowdsourcing Experiment With OpenIDEO

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Design Thinking is the only problem solving approach for innovation and design firm IDEO. It is a human-centered and design-based way of thinking for, well, pretty much everything. One of the key points of this type of thinking is to gather inspiration and insights from every possible source and should involve people from many different backgrounds and disciplines. Design thinking is participatory. You cannot have a good idea if you do not begin with lots of ideas. Simply put, IDEO is a big advocate for collaborative processes.

Earlier this month, IDEO launched a project called OpenIDEO. It is an open platform for people to work with IDEO on some social innovation projects. It is a place for creative thinkers to contribute ideas or to simply inspire others. But of course, people like you and me are invited to join the conversation too. OpenIDEO is an experiment put out by IDEO to see if the collaboration of small teams and the broader community can accomplish better results. Crowdsourcing harnesses the power of the community to address global challenges through collaboration.

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I Just Gave $20 To Wuyun


I am connected to China. I am Chinese. And, I have some Chinese food in my kitchen and I own a decent amount of made-in-China stuff. Check your own home, it’s likely that you do too.

Some people might assume that all of China is rich because it is a super economy. But, the illusion of a rich China casts a huge shadow on the largely poor China that exists. This is the China, and you can easily see this stark reality in one number alone. Around 300,000,000 people in rural China live in poverty. Wai?

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Homegrown Fruit for a Greater Good


Growing fruits and vegetables in our own gardens has become a mini phenomenon over the past while as consumers are looking for more ‘organic’ alternatives and really, a better bang for their buck! At harvest time however, often there is too much of what we’ve grown and sadly some of it goes to waste even after it’s been shared between a couple of families and sometimes, it’s not always possible for owners to gather their own crops. So here, I present two ideas that have taken flight which are totally implementable in your own communities!