The Centre for Dreams Skills Drive


For a previous post on the charity Well of Change (WOC), I talked about what the charity is all about and what makes them unique. Recently, I had the privilege of attending one of the events that they were holding on behalf of a local charity in Markham, Ontario called The Centre For Dreams.

The charity helps intellectually challenged adults to be independent and helps them live their lives to the fullest. This event was no different than their other ones, except for the new spin they’ve introduced to their organization. WOC set up stations where each participant approached, to brainstorm services and skills that they could offer a interested ‘shoppers’.


Each station represented different areas that one could use to promote skills, hobbies, sports and things to sell. The last one was a new one since WOC recently launched the “items” section of their site where individuals can sell items (as if they were on eBay) but with the money going towards the chosen charity.

As I finished brainstorming my skills set at the first station, I clipped my list onto my name tag like a billboard, advertising it to others that I interacted with. By the end of the night, I had sold off my ability to organize a space and purchased some private driving lessons; all at about $10-$15 an hour! Four hundred was the total amount raised for the Centre of Dreams and it was all done in two hours!


Though WOC occasionally holds their own events, often, they will help smaller charities, such as the Centre for Dreams because like WOC, the Centre for Dreams is not a well known charity (just yet).

Mr. Ho, one of the founders for WOC also adds, “It’s also a way for businesses to acquire new business…Say they offer the first dance class for a lower price, they may want to continue on a regular basis.”

WOC truly is a charity like no other, because although charities do strive to help those in need, such as cancer patients or children in poverty, it’s everyone for themselves. But with WOC, the “little guys” have an opportunity to make a name for themselves through WOC in a unique way, while getting involved with the people around their neighbourhood. If you know of any charities that also would be interested in collaborative efforts for the greater good, be sure to get in touch with WOC!


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