Timeraiser Auctions


While we usually witness a variety of auctions including silent, reverse and online, often times it involves some sort of monetary exchange. Framework Foundation however, meddles a bit with the auctioning concept through their Timeraiser project and puts the idea in use for a fun and very good cause.

In a nutshell, Timeraiser is a silent auction where participants ‘bid’ their volunteer hours to charitable organizations in order to win pieces of art. Over the span of the following year, volunteers fulfill their commitments to these charities. Upon completing their service, the volunteers get to take home the coveted artworks that they bid for in the prior year. Timeraiser is now on its 10th event, as it has slowly expanded from Toronto to certain major cities across the nation.

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It’s quite amazing to see an innovative idea bring together a handful of groups with varying interests all the while invoking a sense of community to all those involved. The not-for-profit organizations and charities are presented with volunteers who would like to spend their time helping out those in need while being rewarded with their desired art piece. Artists taking part get a chance to showcase their art and sell them for a fair price through sponsorships from corporations. Framework provides resources for sponsored corporations to educate their employees about getting involved. And most importantly, the communities in need of assistance reap the benefits of the much needed volunteer hours. A definite win-win situation for all those involved.

To find out when and where the next Timeraiser takes place, visit www.timeraiser.ca.

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