Well of Change


Many individuals are philanthropists at heart but there are a few obstacles that are stopping them. The obvious one being that no one has the extra money to do so. But Christine Ho and Kevin Tsoi found that many would if they could. From that, they developed Well of Change, a charity where people donate their skills and time to those who are interested. All of the proceeds go towards the charity of the giver’s choice.

These “skills” aren’t only limited to things like cooking, teaching languages or sports; they let individuals offer literally anything they like! The site is organized through categories and by glancing at the first few, you can find dream interpretation, crossroads coaching and even human load speaker! Looking for something more specific? Use the search at the top to see if it’s being offered. If it isn’t, put up a “wanted post”!


What started out as an online site for people to do what they love for those in need has become a sensation. Christine and Kevin started creating “skills events” where the volunteers would meet new people and have a more social gathering every few months. They are also very welcoming of new participants too!

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I can’t wait to attend the next skills event rumoured to be around August/September. For more information, visit their site or join their Facebook group for more details.

Look forward to my followup post!

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  • ecee

    This actually reminds me of back in the day when instead of 'money exchange for services', we exchanged goods, like bartering. It seems like such a simple concept that should have been discovered/organized a long time ago!